The hit telenovela was recently licensed to the channels of the Albavisión Group in the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, Paraguay, and Peru.

The telenovela A Time to Love, a period drama which has captivated the audiences in countries as Bolivia, Costa Rica and El Salvador, is part of the portfolio of products of the Virtual Screening Autumn and was recently licensed to the channels of the Albavisión Group in the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, Paraguay, and Peru.

Two big hits by Globo were moreover included in the deal, and which are also highlights in the event: A Life Worth Living, currently on air in Portugal, and Sweet Diva, a major success, which has been recently debuted by the Univisión channel, in the US.

According to Angela Colla, Head of International Sales with Globo, “the commercial cooperation between Globo and the Albavisión Group has made it possible for a number of products of the company to reach several audiences in the Americas, such as the telenovelas Empire, The Life We Lead, Brave Woman, Precious Pearl, and Rules of the Game. The presence of Globo, with its contents, is significant in a number of regions of the American Continent – and having our products in the channels of the Albavisión Group broadens that reach even further”.

The network is one of the strongest conglomerates of communication, which makes its presence known in 16 countries of the Americas.

The telenovela A Time to Love is a period life drama in tune with the trends of modern society. Directed by Jayme Monjardim, a director renowned by successes which have travelled the world, such as The Clone and The Life We Lead, the telenovela portrays the power of love and holds, as its main theme, the relationship of Maria Vitória (Vitória Strada) and Inácio (Bruno Cabrerizo).

Their eyes meet in the festivities of the Holy Week, in the fictitious village of Morros Verdes, in Portugal, which seems to be frozen in time, in spite of the changes which erupted all over the world upon the end of the First World War. She, the daughter of the influent producer of wine and olive oil, José Augusto Correia Guedes (Tony Ramos), master of the famous Quinta da Carrasqueira. He, a modest young man of Sobreiro, the small neighbor village, who lives with his aunt Henriqueta (Nívea Maria), survives from seasonal work, such as the harvesting of grapes, and leads a peaceful life. Infatuated, Inácio shall spare no efforts to fight for the love of Maria Vitória, even with all the impediments that are to appear in the lives of the two, from that point on.

The story of Alcides Nogueira is based on an original plot of Rubem Fonseca, one of the most important Brazilian writers, and has been written in cooperation with Bia Corrêa do Lago, the daughter of Fonseca. Rubem is well known for his police detective thriller books, but a love story in his family is what has led him to write the plot in cooperation with his daughter.

The saga of the characters from A Time to Love is inspired in the real life adventure of the writers grand-mother, who sailed from Portugal after having entrusted her parents with her little child – Rubems mother – in order to find her true love. He had departed to Brazil for work and, at one point, stopped sending her letters. The story was then translated into fiction by Alcides Nogueira.