Under the motto “From Plim to play: Lets make it happen together?”, the presentation highlights the country’s creative industry.

Last Wednesday night, April 12th, Globo took the new products of 2023 to the main stage of RIO2C, one of the main events of the creative industry in Latin America. With the concept From Plim to play: Lets make it happen together?, which puts the country’s creative industry in the spotlight, the presentation was attended by executives and great artistic talents from Globo, who highlighted the power of partnerships in the national audiovisual market, as well as the stories that come from everywhere and from every corner of Brazil.

The hosts Fátima Bernardes and Pedro Bial opened the panel talking about being Brazilian, the power of the national audiovisual market and the impact of Globo stories on Brazilians lives. Its a long-lasting relationship, only possible due to the company’s deep knowledge of Brazilian society. A relevant and essential asset for looking at the future and shaping it.

Amauri Soares, director of TV Globo, recalled last years achievements, with great emphasis on the broadening focus on diversity. “Last year, on this stage, I spoke about Brazil. About our perception of Brazilian society, which feeds our creative process, from where we extract our stories. We talked about religious diversity and now we are broadcasting a telenovela with an evangelical protagonist, and that discusses this diversity; regional diversity, the importance of accents, and we have a telenovela that takes place in Minas Gerais, one in Rio de Janeiro, one in Maranhão, and the next one will take place in Mato Grosso do Sul. Representing and inspiring this diverse society is a mission that we take very seriously. We are privileged to be the home of television in Brazil, and to have Brazil as the great raw material for our content.”

Erick Brêtas, Globos Chief Digital & Pay TV Channels Officer, highlighted Globos promotion of the national audiovisual market, through partnerships with different representatives of the industry. “We want to reinforce the message that all of our windows, all of our platforms, are available to creators. So that everyone can enjoy the confluence of technology and creativity. Last year, we invested BRL 5 billion in talent, rights and content production. About BRL 1.5 billion in technology. Together with you, our partners, we produced over 1020 hours of stories that had never been shown before. And if we only look at Globo, there were 27 thousand hours of never-seen-before productions on our channels and platforms. We are very proud of these achievements. Telling stories is our reason to exist.”

Fátima Bernardes and Ivete Sangalo gave spoilers about the biggest news about the reality shows that will premiere in Brazil this year: Let Love, a program about relationships led by Sabrina Sato and João Vicente, which debuts in the second half of the year on Multishow and Globoplay. They also presented the new seasons of No Limite (On the edge), which premieres in July on TV Globo after being recorded in the Amazon in partnership with Endemol, and is presented by Fernando Fernandes; Túnel do Amor (Tunnel of Love), aired on Multishow and Globoplay, a production by Floresta and broadcasted in April with a new presenter: Ana Clara; and The Taste Brasil, which returns to Brazil on GNT and Globoplay, in partnership with Moonshot, to be launched in the second half of the year.

Fátima called Silvio Guindane, director of Verônika, a new Globoplay series, and Mayra Lucas, CEO of production company Glaz, partners in hits such as Rensga Hits, an Globoplay Original that will be shown on TV Globo in 2023, and is already available in the international market, to the stage. Brazilianness, representativeness and investment in diversity in front of the screens and, most of all, in the backstage, were the main subject in the conversation.

Tony Ramos and Barbara Reis, from the cast of Land and Passion (working title), the next telenovela on the 9 PM slot on TV Globo and one of the companys next launches in the international market, reiterated the potential of stories to move people and start important conversations and debates for the evolution of society. Barbara and Tony talked about the remake of Renascer (Reborn), from the creative universe of Benedito Ruy Barbosa, and which will be reinterpreted by Bruno Luperi, same duo responsible for the hit Pantanal, scheduled to premiere in 2024 on TV Globo. They also talked about the second part of All the Flowers, the Globoplay Original that is also available in the international market. And speaking of telenovelas produced for a first broadcast on streaming, they presented Guerreiros do Sol (Warriors of the Sun), signed by George Moura and Sergio Goldenberg, with artistic direction by Rogério Gomes, scheduled to premiere on Globoplay in 2024, in Brazil.

Pedro Bial with the humourist Rafael Portugal presented the news in documentaries. In recent years, Globoplay has launched 42 productions in that genre, made both by Globo and in partnership with Brazilian producers. Titles are expected to be released on Globoplay in the next months, in Brazil, such as Vale dos Isolados: O Assassinato de Dom e Bruno (Valley of the Isolated: The Murder of Dom and Bruno), a series produced by Globo journalism and directed by Sônia Bridi, with the premiere scheduled for June; and Xuxa, O Documentário (Xuxa, The Documentary,) a new documentary series in five episodes about the story of the forever Queen of the Kids, co-produced with Endemol, directed by Pedro Bial and launched in July. The big news, already announced for 2024, is the return of Walter Salles to direct the documentary series about the soccer player Sócrates Brasileiro (Brazilian Socrates), a co-production between Vídeo Filmes, Anonymous and Esporte da Globo.

Still on the topic of this genre, Bial presented the big news on TV Globo, the return of Linha Direta (Direct Line) to the programming on May 4th, presented by Bial himself and with innovations in narrative and story distribution, including the Direct Line Podcast, which adds new behind-the-scenes impressions and testimonials. And, speaking of podcasts, Rafael Portugal recalled that Globo is currently the largest financier of the format in Brazil, and holds the most listened to journalism podcast in the country, the third largest in Latin America: O Assunto (The Subject). In 2023, 15 new titles are expected to be launched.

The actors Adriana Esteves and Eduardo Sterblitch led the presentation of the series, highlighting the launch of Os Outros (The Others), a fiction series by Globoplay and TV Globo, created and written by Lucas Paraizo, based on a script by Fernanda Torres, with artistic direction by Luisa Lima and production by Estúdios Globo. And the people who attended the panel on the Global Stage had the opportunity to check out, firsthand, the trailer for the production, which will premiere on the streaming platform on May 31st and will soon be available in the international market. An up-to-date content that translates the potential for producing relevant and quality stories when Brazilian talents unite in front of the screen and behind the scenes. To add to the discussion, author Manuela Dias presented unpublished scenes from the second season of Above Justice, which will be launched this year in the international market, and reinforced the regional character of the series, which will have scenes shot in Ceilândia, in the Federal District – the first season was shot in Recife.

Adriana Esteves and Manuela Dias switched places with actor Ravel Andrade, who brought new information about Raul Seixas: Metamorfose Ambulante (Raul Seixas: Walking Metamorphosis), a co-production of O2 Filmes, in which he will play the iconic Brazilian singer. Ravel took the change to talk about another project, in which he acts alongside his brother, Júlio Andrade: the series Betinho: no Fio da Navalha (Betinho: on the razors edge). The project, a co-production with AfroReggae Audiovisual, tells the real story of the creator of one of the greatest solidarity movements in Brazil, Ação da Cidadania, and premieres on Globoplay in November. In it, Júlio Andrade plays Betinho, and Ravel plays Chico Mauro, one of his brothers.

And to prove that in addition to informing and entertaining the series also have the great ability to make people laugh, Luís Miranda announced the production of the second season of Encantados (Enchanteds), and the premiere of the first season on May 2nd on TV Globo. Created by Renata Andrade and Thais Pontes, the series is the result of Globos humor workshop for black screenwriters. A movement to promote diversity and inclusion, which brings colorism to the screen and speaks directly to the future that Globo wants to build together with representatives of the Brazilian audiovisual market.

The author Rosane Svartman, from Never Give Up, Total Dreamer and A Life worth Living, presented the power of Vicky and the Muse, the first musical by Estúdios Globo, with versions for Globoplay and the kids channel Gloob, which celebrates the transformative power of art. Music and dance, in particular, are the guiding light of this story that begins with the friendship of two girls: Vicky (Cecília Chancez) and Luara (Tabatha Almeida). The protagonists Cecília Chancez and Tabatha Almeida sang, live, the song from the series.

Fátima Bernardes and Pedro Bial closed the presentation, reinforcing the moment of transformation of the audiovisual market, which requires professionals to constantly search for adaptation and reinvention. A path that becomes even richer and powerful when trodden in partnership.