The deal covers the development and commercialization of the fictional series Rosario, an original idea by Sergio Turza, based on real events.

This Tuesday, September 14, Glowstar Media and Jaque Content announced a creative and commercial alliance for the development and distribution of the new series Rosario, an original idea by Sergio Truza.

As reported by both companies, the project is inspired by the life story of one of the authors of the largest scam carried out in Argentina against the Treasury of the Central Bank of the City of Rosario, where a group of experienced criminals managed to get that entity I peacefully “handed over” the sum of US$ 30 million to the exchange of currency in the 90’s, without the use of arms or hostages, through almost perfect planning and strategies.

The series has as its common thread the formation of the band and the reconstruction of the robbery, although it will delve into many more personal aspects of the protagonists, and a whole life dedicated to the art of deception, their motivations and beginning in the profession, the rules of prison , and above all the unbreakable laws of the thief of the past, where the codes still existed, of the voice of its protagonist.

The development of Rosario was carried out by Jaque Content, with scriptwriters Lucas Combina and Carolina Testa.

Silvana D’Angelo, CEO of Glowstar Media, carried out the creative consultancy for the development and Valeria Nardecchia is the executive associated with the project together with Glowstar Media.