Distributed by Eccho Rights, the series continues its success on the Chilean channel, becoming the most watched Turkish drama in prime time in 2023.

With last night’s broadcast, the successful Turkish television series Seyran y Ferit consolidated its sustained increase in viewership that it has experienced in recent days in Chile, becoming the most watched Turkish television series in prime time in 2023.

According to official data provided by Kantar Ibope, during its broadcast, the drama led the rating with an average of 11.1 points, with a peak of 13.4 points.

At this same time, the competition (marked by reality shows) reached: CHV, 9.8 points; Channel 13, 10.5 points; TVN, 2.2 points.

On Monday, November 7, Seyrán y Ferit also won its schedule with 10.8 average rating points.

Over the past two days (Monday, November 7 and Tuesday, November 8) Seyran y Ferit also average the highest ratings in their schedule, with 11 rating points.

Distributed internationally by Eccho Rights under the title Golden Boy, the drama was sold to more than 100 countries. Produced by OGM Pictures, Golden Boy is a classic family drama that tells the story of two sisters, Seyran and Suna, whose paths cross with the golden boy Ferit. The lives of the two sisters change forever when Ferit decides to marry Seyran instead of Suna. Seyran will be the new girlfriend of a family full of betrayals, lies and secrets. The series stars Afra Saraoğlu, Mert Ramazan Demir and Çetin Tekindor.