Heading to Mipcom 2022 with a variety of new titles and genres, including the Civil Servant, Traitor and Debt to the Sea series, the global content distributor will also be bringing partnership-seeking projects into new territories.

Global content distributor GoQuest Media will be presenting at Mipcom 2022 a wide variety of new titles and genres, as well as projects to search for local partners to co-produce them.

“This year we present new stories and we seek to expand the opportunities for collaboration with local production companies and platforms to explore the potential of adapting our formats in new territories,” Mikaela Pérez, Sales Executive of GoQuest Media, tells ttvnews.

“We continue to focus on expanding our distribution in the different windows, since we have series that cover genres of interest such as crime, espionage and family dramas and a proposal for lighter programming, with titles in comedy and romance genres”, says the executive.

In this sense, the company is presenting at Cannes a large and innovative portfolio of “very well selected” content, in crime, espionage and family drama genres that “are very well adapted to international audiences”.

These new titles include new seasons of Civil Servant, a gripping suspense series that follows a young and ambitious Serbian Secret Service (BIA) agent, Lazar Stanojević.

Elsewhere, the second season of Traitor, a stylish and exciting spy drama series, inspired by Estonian espionage scandals, and finally Debt to the Sea, a family drama with powerful stories about what it means to be human, tackling the truth , guilt and pain within family relationships and the challenge between dream and reality, life and death.

“We are also adding new series that have been carefully selected in comedy, romance and drama genres for all types of audiences,” says Pérez.

With respect to the Latin American and US Hispanic markets, GoQuest Media seeks to continue expanding ties with local markets, closely following the success of Hispanic content, the latest trends and productions.

“We want to be a trusted partner in the development of new content and distribution”, underlines the executive in this regard; that in addition to participating in Mipcom, she will also be present at MipCancun 2022, an annual event that this year will be held from November 13 to 16 in Mexico.