The local version will be called House of Fame and will also air in Cyprus.

TV Azteca announced the sale of the adaptation rights for its format La Academia (The Academy) to Skai TV from Greece and Cyprus.

With this sale, Greece joins countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, which have already opted for local versions of the talent show.

“It is an honor that Skai in Greece has chosen the The Academy format as one of the main productions for the prime time of its screens. We are sure that the quality of this reality show will make the audience fall in love with the format and with all the participants in this musical show,” said Melissa Pillow, TV Azteca Sales Representative for Europe, CIS, USA and Africa.

“The academy is an original idea from Mexico and a reference at the Latin American level. TV Azteca today feels the satisfaction and pride of being able to change the lives of artists worldwide. House of Fame The academy begins broadcasts in Greece,“ added Sandra Smeste, Executive Vice President and CEO of Azteca Uno.

“For almost two decades, The Academy has been the most successful musical reality show in Mexico and has become a very important hotbed of talent. At TV Azteca we are proud to see how this great project continues to grow and crosses borders”, completed Ángel Aponte, executive producer of La academia.

The Academy opens its doors to eighteen talented singers, creating a unique mix of personalities, musical styles and ambitions.

In the months following their selection, students will also become housemates. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, cameras and microphones will record your daily life and all the highlights will be displayed on the screen every day in the evening.

All students will follow a strict course program, from morning to afternoon: singing and dancing lessons, physical activity, and stage dress are just some of the types of courses that students will attend on a daily basis. In addition, surprise seminars, meetings and collaborations will be included.

Students will be required to demonstrate their progress weekly during the live show on Friday.

Eleni Foureira will be the host and Giannis Ploutarchos, Katie Garbi, George Arsenakos and Phoebus will be the judges of the competition.

The students will sing before the judges the song they would have prepared previously, while well-known artists will appear and sing with them as a duet. The panel of judges and the audience will decide the best performances.

At the end of the live show, the panel will reveal the three candidates to be eliminated for the next live show.

At the same time, all viewers will have one week to vote for the singer they want to remain on House of fame, The Academy.