The Swedish distributor announced the promotion of Handan Özkubat, Director of Turkish Drama, to the new role of Director of Sales and Acquisitions for all Turkish content.

Eccho Rights announced the promotion of Handan Özkubat, Director of Turkish Drama, to a new role as Head of Sales and Acquisition for all Turkish content, as well as overseeing all of the distributor’s business activities in Turkey.

Özkubat will be fully responsible for all Turkish client accounts, both in broadcast and production, a key area of Eccho Rights’ global business. She will also coordinate with the Eccho Rights’ international sales and marketing team on all strategic matters regarding Turkish Drama.

Additionally, the Istanbul office will act as the exclusive representative within Turkey for the scripted format catalogue of Eccho Rights’ South Korean mother company CJ ENM.

Finally, Handan will continue to oversee the strategy of a digital and Youtube team that has become a fundamental part of Turkish Drama’s international success.

“I am delighted to get this opportunity to further develop Eccho Rights’ business in Turkish drama,” says Handan Özkubat. “I have a wonderful team in the Istanbul office that is allowing us to expand greatly, and not just on sales of readymade content; we expect to have 10 new script adaptations in development in the next year and we are also growing other areas of our business such as digital rights management which are crucial in the modern day.”

“Handan has played a major role in developing our business in Istanbul which has been an instrumental part of our tremendous growth in the past decade. It is only natural that she takes on a more comprehensive role at the head of our Turkish business now,” says Fredrik af Malmborg, Managing Director of Eccho Rights.

Eccho Rights is one of the world’s leading distributors of Turkish Drama, selling more than 17 000 hours per year of Turkish content to clients all over the globe. Thanks to Eccho Rights’ international sales efforts, series such as Elif, Brave and Beautiful, Insider and Ezel have become household names all over the world, while the company continues to represent the latest offerings including brand new series The Red Room from OGM Pictures.