Aida Martirosyan, Managing Director of Haymillian, spoke to ttvnews about the company’s new dubbing facilities in Cuernavaca, its most recent appointments in the country and how they’re facing the covid-19 pandemic.

Responding to increased demand for neutral Spanish dubbed content, Haymillian Mexico announced it has moved to a larger site in the country.

Located in Cuernavaca, the new site measures 400 m2 arranged over two floors and a garden. Recording and mixing rooms, along with a reception and waiting room for actors, occupy the ground floor, with an office on the first floor.

“Clients will now benefit from increased delivery capacity run by industry professionals. The new studios will boost the company’s growing activity in the region, while continuing to offer clients the full range of voice services and talent for all types of content,” Aida Martirosyan, Managing Director of Haymillian, said to ttvnews.

Accompanying the growth of its facilities in the country, the company also announced the appointment of Angelika Ocampo as Studio Director and Cesar Gomez as Senior Dubbing Director for Haymillian Mexico.

“Increasing our capacity and operations in Latin America has been an ongoing process, and we have been cooperating with Cesar and Angelika for some time. Their addition to the Haymillian family is not only about bringing great team players and talented people on board Haymillian Mexico but also building a strong team under their leadership”, she explained.

“Both Angelika and Cesar have already demonstrated impressive operational success undertaking the delivery of neutral Spanish projects during the Covid-19 pandemic without disruption to client operations. They have built a strong team and added new creative talent,” she added.

And in regard to the pandemic, the executive explained Haymillian’s top priority is the health and safety of its employees, freelance talent, partners and customers. ”We’re committed to business continuity and supporting your requirements when you need us most,” she said.

The company has responded to the emergency situation in two ways: on the one hand, its employees have been working from home. “We’ve been monitoring the Covid 19 situation from January 2020, during which time we tested and finetuned our operations to make provision for working from home to provide business continuity to our clients”, she said.

“With the extended risk of Covid-19, this initiative proved to be especially useful. All our systems and tools are in the cloud and we can continue operating with zero disruption to our subtitling and translation services from order to fulfilment”, she added.

On the other hand, the company has implemented guidelines to stay safe during studio operations, regarding any production, editing, mixing staff and freelancers whose presence is required in studios for recording. Recording studios are getting antibacterial treatment between recording sessions and team members have been asked to adhere to social distancing guidelines, while still being able to carry out their work.

“At this point, we do not foresee any disruption to the dubbing business unless specific countries prohibit movement and business, as is the case in Italy,” she said.

“We are committed to doing everything possible to keep our team, partners, freelancers and customers safe and to ensure business continuity. To date, all projects are being delivered on time. Through our cloud-based systems we continue to have full visibility and control of projects from start to finish within a secure eco-system,” she added and concluded: “We wish you and your families the very best. Stay safe and keep strong.”