El mundo de Luna and El beso adolescente, both Max Originals productions, are adaptations of the homonymous book by Carina Rissi and the graphic novel by Rafael Coutinho, respectively.

HBO Max announced the start of production of two new Brazilian Max Originals series, which are part of WarnerMedia Latin America’s initiative to approach the Latin American literary market, bringing new local content to the streaming platform.

The series are The World of Luna (No mundo da Luna) and The Teenage Kiss (O adolescent beijo), adaptations of the works by Carina Rissi and Rafael Coutinho, respectively.

Carina Rissi is one of the talented partners of WarnerMedia Latin America and, in addition to El mundo de Luna, the feature film Procura-se um esposo (working title), also based on one of her books, is already in production.

“We are very happy to take another step forward in our strategy of developing local content, based on successful literary works that have great potential to win even more streaming fans,” said Marcelo Tamburri, Head of Scripted Content Development at WarnerMedia Latin America. .

“With different characteristics and works recognized in the market, it is a pleasure to have the collaboration of Carina Rissi and Rafael Coutinho in the content of HBO Max”, he added.

The series will have ten 30-minute episodes. It is a Moonshot Pictures production, with general direction by Roberto d’Avila and episode directing by Maria Farkas, Claudia Castro and Michael Ruman.

Marina Moschen will debut in her first leading role. Leonardo Bittencourt, Maria Clara Gueiros, Rosi Campos, Bruna Inocêncio, Priscila Lima, Enzo Romani and Luana Martau are also confirmed in the cast.

Luna (Marina Moschen) comes from a gypsy family and is a recently graduated journalist. To get closer to the profession, she decides to accept making a horoscope for a news portal using gypsy tarot cards. What she does not know is that the letters inherited from her family – and with centuries of history – tell her about her. Literally.

Throughout the season, Luna will face the challenges of her first job, fight to keep her dream of becoming a journalist alive, and suffer the torture of falling in love with two completely different men who work with her. Along with Luna, we accompanied her friends Sabrina and Bia, also in their twenties: one in an attempt to make art in the NFT era and the other a gamer in an exclusively male team. Together, they will take the first steps of adult life.

Directed by Mariana Youssef, André Ristum and Denis Cisma, The Teenage Kiss is a Gullane production and a creation by Peppe Siffredi and Mariana Youssef. Caio Gullane is the showrunner. It has eight episodes of 30 minutes each.

The series follows Ariel, a boy who has just entered his teens. When he loses his mother, he is forced to move from home and school, where he is bullied and has only one friend, Denis. After kissing an older girl named LinLin, Ariel discovers that she has a special power and begins to join BA (Teenage Kiss), a select group of boys and girls who develop powers in adolescence and dictate the trends of the current world.

A murder spree of teenagers by an enigmatic monster that only the young seem to see will set BA on a collision course with the government. The authorities who are looking for an enemy accuse BA of being a gang and its members of being guilty of the murders.