Silvio de Abreu is joining WarnerMedia LatAm as showrunner for Series, a new area led by Mônica Albuquerque. They will be fictions of about 50 episodes with “the basics of a drama and the rhythm of a series.”

HBO Max announced last Friday, October 29, the creation of its new series area for Latin America. The commitment to short soap operas is increasingly gaining strength in the region thanks to OTT platforms.

And the team is led by two former Globo executives, who a year ago left their posts in the Brazilian giant. The person in charge of leading the new initiative, Mônica Albuquerque, joined WarnerMedia Latin America as Head of Artistic Talents in March of this year.

And now the incorporation of Silvio de Abreu has been announced, who until his departure from Globo had served as Drama Director since 2014. At 78 years old, the experienced author joins HBO Max as showrunner, a role from which he will work directly with the Latin American authors and directors in all productions.

According to the group, the projects will be drama productions with a modern narrative structure, and with around 50 episodes, offering fictional content in a hybrid format that combines the basis of a drama with the rhythm of a series.

Tomás Yankelevich, Director of Content at WarnerMedia Latin America, said: “It is a format that represents a lot the artistic creation in Latin America. We have, in all countries, a consolidated tradition of expressing ourselves through this type of narrative, both so popular and so sophisticated. Our fiction has a lot to share with the world. In recent years, with the development of American series, we have been clear witnesses of a search for the long arc, so characteristic of soap operas that have inhabited the screens of Latin America for a long time.”

“That is why we chose Mônica to implement this project and carry it forward. She knows the genre deeply, the talents, she knows how to build teams and coordinate complex projects.”

Mônica Albuquerque said she had “a lot of confidence” in the development of this new area. “We believe in the power of melodrama to attract global audiences. Our goal is to tell these stories with the rhythm of the series, with a solid narrative structure and bringing relevant and urgent issues. Brazil is a hotbed of talents and ideas. The creators of these stories helped build an internationally respected and award-winning market.”

“And Silvio de Abreu – in addition to being a great partner and friend – is, without a doubt, one of the most important names in fiction in the country. With this new area, we will be able to broaden our focus throughout Latin America and create important alliances not only in Brazil but also in other countries such as Mexico, Colombia and Argentina. It is an honor to have Silvio’s talent, knowledge and dedication in the new HBO Max content plans and strategies.”

Silvio de Abreu said: “I am very happy with this new challenge and I already feel at home with such a great team, who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in other occasions. Creating narratives and bringing relevant themes that make the audience get involved, identify themselves and generate an impact on society are fuels for this challenge from which, I am sure, many incredible projects will emerge”.

In the new division he will also include Joana Jabace, artistic director responsible for accompanying the projects from the choice of theme, the casting and the team of productions throughout Latin America.

The team is completed by Barbara Monteiro de Carvalho as Production Director, in the team of Ricardo Pichetto, Head of Production at WarnerMedia Latin America.

This announcement is part of WarnerMedia Latin America’s goal to develop more than 100 local original productions in the next two years for its steaming service.