HBO is joining the trend of original fictions filmed from home. Five renowned directors lead this anthology series, filmed with basic kits and produced by Warner Bros. IPTV España and Caballo Films.

HBO Spain is the latest to announce a new original series filmed from the homes of its creators, using the quarantine mandated due to the coronavirus as a starting point.

“Five film and television directors. Five fictional stories. The same situation: confinement”, sums up the advertisement for En casa (“At Home”), as the anthology series is titled.

This HBO Europe project joins several other fictions in Spanish of the type, launched in recent days: TVE from Spain started promoting Diarios de cuarentena; Mega, from Chile, revealed an untitled series about a psychologist who tends to his coronavirus-affected patients via video call; Utópica Media, from Argentina, launched Citas online and two other similar projects; and the Argentine producer Crea Producciones premiered the new series Adentro on YouTube on Sunday.

Leticia Dolera (Vida perfecta, Requisitos para ser una persona normal), Rodrigo Sorogoyen (Madre, El reino, Que Dios nos perdone), Paula Ortiz (La novia, De tu ventana a la mía), Carlos Marqués-Marcet (Los días que vendrán, Tierra firme, 10.000 kilómetros) and Elena Martín (Julia Ist) will be the directors in charge of directing each of the five episodes that make up En casa.

Created by Warner Bros. IPTV Spain in collaboration with Caballo Films, the series has just started production.

The fiction presents “an authorial look at personal relationships in the framework of the collective experience of confinement,” they explain from HBO. “Five different approaches to fiction that will show their particular view of the most extreme collective experience that this young generation of directors has lived through.”

The episodes of En casa, about 15 minutes long each, will be filmed in the domestic environment of the houses in which the directors are confined, only with the people with whom they are isolated and without filming equipment, only provided of a basic «Filmmaker Kit», made up of a last generation telephone and some accessories, which will allow them to film their episodes in a small space and with a very limited number of interpreters, who in some cases will include the directors themselves.

In the series, different genres will coexist such as romantic comedy, drama and even fantasy overtones.

Through the point of view of each director, En casa will question the unusual context of the series: What would happen if your boyfriend left you the morning they confined him? Can confining yourself at home be a brutally liberating experience? What if confinement makes you discover that your partner is not who you thought they were? Is it possible to travel in this context without leaving the same room? What would it be like to live this experience in a commune with seven friends?

The series will premiere soon in the 21 territories in which HBO Europe operates.

En casa becomes the fifth original HBO fiction series in Spain, after the already released Foodie Love and the expected Patria, Por H o por B y 30 monedas.