The series is airing again in late prime time on TV Globo in Brazil since August of this year, with a 32% share and a daily reach of 20 million people.

2016 International Emmy Winner, the super production Hidden Truths continues its success arc on television and also on digital platform. The plot has been rerunning in late prime time of TV Globo in Brazil since August of this year, and ever since, it has been repeating the great success of its original run in the country. The sensual thriller that seduced the world is currently audience leader in its slot,with a 32% share and a daily reach of 20 million people.

The performance in Free TV is also being reflected in the digital platform, impacting and influencing different consumption windows: HiddenTruths is the most consumed content by users of Globoplay streaming platform (AVOD/SVOD) since the premiere of its rerun on television, generating an increase of over 400% in daily consumption of the production.

And, on social media, the production is recording a volume of over 200 thousand tweets – an engagement that makes the story one of the themes with the most comments on the Trending Topics. The fans have been following the thrilling story of Angel, a teenager who dreams of being a model and who, through her journey, discovers and underworld behind the glamour of the runway: an environment of sex, power and obsession.

Licensed to over 75 countries, the production has also been winning over fans worldwide since its release, and it has already been the audience leader in several territories such as Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay and Portugal. The long-awaited continuation of the super production, HiddenTruths II has already been confirmed and will run soon in Brazil in the Globoplay platform.