With nine spots in Parrot Analytics’ rankings between digital and general, kids & teens productions are the most demanded genre in the country, followed by series in Spanish with eight spots.

When it comes to audiovisual content, it seems as if there’s two major trends appealing to Paraguayan audiences: productions in Spanish and titles for kids & teens.

That at least, according to Parrot Analytics’ most recent ranking for the week of July 8 to 14, where both the digital and general lists are led by the two genres.

Netflix’s Spanish original, Money Heist, leads the digital series ranking with 263,598 Average Demand Expressions (ADE).

In second and third place come Colombian series Narcos (133,784 ADE) and Brazil’s La Coisa Mais Linda (115,255 ADE), both by Netflix.

Go! Live Your Way, the Argentine Netflix teen series (tenth place, 35,074 ADE) completes the list of Hispanic series in the digital ranking, while Amazon’s Dino Dana in seventh place (47,594 ADE) stands out as the only other kids series.

The digital ranking is completed by Netflix series Lucifer (fourth place, 113,348 ADE), Stranger Things (fifth, 107,933 ADE) and Dark (eighth, 43,334 ADE); Cobra Kai from YouTube Premium (sixth, 73,328 ADE) and The Handmaid’s Tale from Hulu (ninth, 40,711 ADE).

And while in the digital ranking only two kids & teens series stand out, the genre is the star of the general ranking, occupying seven of the ten places on the list.

The Disney series BIA stands in second place with 416,069 ADE, followed by animated series Peppa Pig in third place (385,577 ADE) and Naruto: Shuppuden in fourth (313,432 ADE).

In sixth place comes Dragon Ball Super with 309,765 ADE, while its franchise partner, Dragon Ball Z, takes over ninth place with 274,098.

Paw Patrol in eighth place with 280,485 ADE and Teen Titans Go! in tenth with 273,782 ADE, complete the list of productions for kids and teens in the general ranking.

The other three positions are occupied by the second star genre in the Paraguayan demand, being three series in Spanish: El corazón nunca se equivoca (first place, 461.553 ADE), La rosa de Guadalupe (fifth, 313.136 ADE ) and La usurpadora (284.746 ADE).