The format has been airing on Tunisian pay TV network, El Hiwar Ettounsi TV, registering notable ratings on Friday nights. The network has already confirmed a second season.

Global Agency announced that El Hiwar Ettounsi TV, which is a widely watched private Tunisian television channel, has been airing Cash or Splash on Friday nights with successful ratings. It’s one of the best preforming shows in Tunisia at the moment.

El Hiwar Ettounsi TV has licensed the first season, including 35 episodes, and confirmed the second season. The show has recently been the most popular entertainment show in Tunisia and it has also been optioned in Algeria.

Cash or Splash is a weekly primetime quiz show which can also easily be adapted as a daily access PT, where two teams of three contestants compete together as a team. They have a chance to leave the studio with the remaining cash in their hands if they make it through the final.

The format has already been broadcasted on TRT in Turkey where it became very successful with huge ratings. The show is aired on weekly at prime – time slot and had 4 seasons, 80 episodes in total.

Izzet Pinto, CEO of Global Agency, commented: “Cash or Splash attracted huge interest in Tunisia. we are very happy that it made a very strong start and proud of its persistent achievements in the country. We think this will get even better and we expect it will enter new markets soon.”

About Cash or Splash:

Cash or Splash is an exciting and fun quiz-game show where two teams of three contestants each compete to protect the 1.000.000 in cash initially given to them until the end of the game, passing through various stages of challenging multiple-choice questions. They will have to play a 7 question game, with the constant risk of being dropped into the water traps set under the stage in case they give an incorrect answer, losing the amount of money they carry with them.

It’s not that hard to make it to the final even without knowing the correct answer since contestants can split their cash into different possible answers, ensuring their survival but at the same time, risking their money. The only rule is always to leave one possible answer empty. Wrong answers cost you money and a great dip in the water but you do get to continue the game.

And the breathtaking finale where the Host, for the first time in television history, has a 50% chance of getting wet himself!