Chosen from more than 180 applications, the five projects will compete for a prize of 3,000 euros.

The Iberseries organization announced the five finalists among the projects competing in its Iberseries Pitch, a competition for series in Spanish that are currently in development.

They were chosen from more than 180 applications and will compete for a prize of 3,000 euros. The jury is made up of Ana Celia Urquidi (Hemisphere Media Group), Arantxa Écija (Mediaset España) and Alex Medeiros (Globo).

The Pitch, they detailed, will be this Thursday, May 28 at 5:00 pm in Spain, 10:00 am in Colombia, 11:00 am in Miami and 12:00 pm in Argentina.

In addition to the award, those chosen will have the opportunity to present their proposals to an audience made up of producers, potential investors, platform representatives and key professionals in the audiovisual sector.


CARTAGENES – By Felipe Solarte

A criminal that doesn’t know how to swim; an evangelical pastor who’s ready to die; two girls in one; a bus assistant; a caretaker who heals miraculously; a bicycle repairman who does not like himself or his trade. They live in poor Cartagena, on an island or in a rural area of the Caribbean Coast. (Comedy / drama. Colombia)

MASA MADRE – By Mercedes Córdova

Documentary series that explores the role of women through domestic cooking and its dough. From wheat in Europe to corn in America and potatoes in the Andean territory. Masa madre highlights the history of the women who fed humanity. (Documentary. Argentina)

NADA – By Jorge Dorado

Nada Dorronsoro fell into a frozen lake at age 8 and was dead for 12 minutes. She was revived, but her brain was damaged. She uses her mobile phone as a “second memory” and must travel to Tolhuin, in Tierra del Fuego, to discover the secret hidden under the ice. (Thriller. Spain)

ORO NEGRO – By Paula Cons

While the world was fighting in the Second WW and the Nazis paid whatever necessary for the tungsten they needed for their weapons, on the border between Spain and Portugal there was an unrepeatable gold rush. In one of those lawless places, a Portuguese immigrant rebels against his cannon fodder fate, and wants to lead the smuggling. His problem: he is not a bad person. (Western. Spain)


Timmia is a very adventurous Arctic Tern calf who, on her first migration to the Antarctic, is lost because of her coward twin brother Ungak. Timmia and Ungak must reach the other end of the world if they want to be reunited with their family and, for this, they have no choice but to learn to work as a team. (Animation. Spain)