The Turkish distributor announced the acquisition of the distribution rights to the new sci-fi drama, Synchronous, and the second season of Naked, which join its catalog of New Generation Turkish Series.

Turkish distributor Inter Media continues to expand the company’s New Generation Turkish Series slate, now adding the distribution rights for the new drama, Synchronous (Senkron).

Starred by Ozcan Deniz, Synchronous (Senkron) is a science-fiction series that questions time and the world and universe we live in. On the same day, Sedat and Mina, who come face-to-face in three different stories at the same time, are forced to face a completely different life that they would not want to choose in their parallel universe.

The series asks the questions such as “Can we travel in time?”, “Are there any parallel universes?” and “Do our unfinished dreams and losses continue to exist in another universe?”.

Additionally, Inter Medya has also acquired the second season of Naked for its distribution catalog.

Naked is another New Generation Turkish Series distributed by Inter Medya and tells the story of  a girl who lives with her grandmother and earns her living by escorting.

The first season of Naked, which has the distinction of being the first series shot with an iPhone, is an ambitious series both thematically and technically. It has managed to gain an exclusive audience with its first season. The second season of the series, which started to be streamed recently, has made a great start in Turkey.

Both of the series are telling a completely different story from a completely different point of view yet without disrupting the components of the Turkish drama storytelling.

New Generation Turkish Series are miniseries that are produced more specifically for streaming platforms and present different interpretations of traditional Turkish dramas. They are composed of between 6 and 10 episodes per season, with durations varying between 25 and 60 minutes per episode. Most importantly, they stand out for being brave, bold, and edgy.