The Turkish drama had a special screening at the event, along with its cast.

The Ivy, a TOD Originals series that has attracted great interest in Turkey and MENA region, made its debut at Mipcom Cannes.

The series, for which Inter Medya has taken on international distribution responsibilities, was the center of attention of the press and guests at the special event where it made its European premiere.

The Ivy received positive reviews, due to its intriguing story and impressive cast. Burçin Terzioglu and Onur Tuna, the stars of TOD’s The Ivy, attended the screening in person and commanded attention as they walked the red carpet and gave interviews to international press.

Burçin Terzioglu said: “It makes us very happy that the work we do in our country receives such a positive response in international markets. Our content includes universal stories as much as our own cultural stories. Even if the language we speak is different, the most important thing in our work is to convey the emotion.”

Onur Tuna added: “We trusted the story in such a way that we surrendered ourselves to it. We are grateful to be here to promote The Ivy and we so pleased with the response from the audience. We thank our writers, directors, actors and technical teams for their wonderful work.”

Esra Özaral Altop, Chief Entertainment Content Officer at beIN Media Group & Digitürk, said: “With the increase in international and local platforms, we see that exports of local series are growing rapidly. Sales abroad are very valuable for the sustainability of local content. Along with the economic impact of this increase in exports, the promotion of our culture to the world and its contribution to tourism cannot be ignored. We take these criteria into consideration when planning original contents for TOD. Thanks to the impressive story of The Ivy, the successful performance of our actors and the high level of production quality, we believe that this series will attract an international interest.”

Can Okan, CEO and Founder of Inter Medya, one of the pioneers of TV series sales, said: “The sales we have acheived on numerous digital platforms, both at the local and global levels, have become an essential component of our export activities. At Inter Medya, we proudly undertake the international distribution responsibility for many mini-series produced for Turkish digital platforms, and our catalogue continues to expand. We’ve named these bold and boundary-pushing productions in our catalog as ‘New Generation Turkish Series,’ and we are actively working on establishing this concept as a global brand.”

“The Ivy stands out as one of the most successful works in our catalog, thanks to its compelling storyline, outstanding production quality, and dazzling performances. Following its success in Turkey and the Middle East, we introduced this series to Europe, where it garnered significant interest, especially from our Western European clientele. We believe that The Ivy will also be well-received in Latin American and Asian markets after its launch in Europe, and we are proud to partner with beIN MEDIA GROUP to promote this exceptional series worldwide.”