Beatriz Cea Okan, VP and Director of Sales and Acquisitions at Inter Medya, revealed to ttvnews that Broken Wings has been sold to TC Mi Canal in Ecuador, Color Vision in the Dominican Republic and Kanal D in Romania.

Turkish drama Alas rotas (Broken Wings) continues to add territories in Latin America, with its sale now to Ecuador and the Dominican Republic.

The news was confirmed exclusively to ttvnews by Beatriz Cea Okan, VP and Director of Sales and Acquisitions at Inter Medya, who detailed that the agreements were closed with TC Mi Canal from Ecuador and Color Vision from the Dominican Republic.

Furthermore, the Turkish drama has also just been sold to Kanal D in Romania.

Ecuador and the Dominican Republic thus join the 10 territories in Latin America that have already acquired the series, including Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Paraguay, the United States and Argentina.

In Argentina, in fact, the drama has just premiered on Telefe with great success. “It has been a success, with a share of more than 49%,” said the executive.

Produced by Koliba Film and broadcast in Turkey on ATV in 2017, Broken Wings tells the story of a mother and her four children who, despite poverty, will try to get ahead united by love.

After the unexpected death of their father, the Zeynep brothers, Emre, Cemre and little Aysun fall into poverty. His motivation in life is his mother Nefise, the only person who will do anything for his well-being and happiness.

In the midst of the family crisis, Nefise and Zeynep will find love at the hands of two wealthy and powerful brothers, however, betrayals, conspiracies and hatred will envelop this family that the only thing they want is to remain united.