The Turkish distributor has licensed several of its most successful dramas to broadcasters in Slovenia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia and more.

Turkish distributor Inter Medya announced a series of new deals for its acclaimed dramas.

First, the distributor licensed The Ambassador’s Daughter to Slovenia’s Planet TV.

In addition, Bitter Lands has been licensed to Lithuania.

Both of these series have been among the most successful TV series of recent seasons in Turkey and continue their same steady success in the international market as well.

Additionally, Bitter Lands renewed for season 4 and returned to production recently.

Moreover, the most successful daily drama of the past seasons, Forgive Me, has been licensed to Alsat in Macedonia. Inter Medya signed a deal with Macedonia for eight seasons of Forgive Me.

Lastly, starred by a star-studded cast, The Pit has been licensed to Montenegro, Serbia and Croatia. The successful drama will make its debut in these countries very soon. The Pit is among the best male-oriented dramas of Inter Medya’s slate.

These deals join the recently announced sale of Scorpion to Romania’s PRO TV.