The successful Turkish drama will premiere on TVN in Panama.

Turkish distributor Inter Medya announced the sale of its successful Turkish drama, Bitter Lands, to Panama.

Produced by TIMS&B Productions, Bitter Lands has been taking the rating lists by storm both in Turkey and in the international market. The drama premiered last month in Spain on Antena 3, Atresmedia’s flagship channel with immaculate rating results and hooked the audiences with each episode. Bitter Lands increases its results every week and this week the series achieved a market share of 15,5%. The series showed a great performance and outperformed other programs broadcast at the same time-slot with a big difference.

The rating smasher has been licensed in more than 50 countries worldwide by Inter Medya and will now premiere on TVN in Panama.

For the last 3 seasons, Bitter Lands topped the rating charts in Turkey almost every night it was broadcast, and showed the same consistent success in the other countries where it was broadcast. The series has proved massively popular, scoring huge ratings across the globe. This huge success became a standard for Bitter Lands.

“Bitter Lands exhibits all the classic hallmarks of Turkish Drama. The series has a highly talented cast and great production quality. With a heartbreaking romance at its core, Bitter Lands is truly a very strong title with worldwide appeal. Bitter Lands continues to extend its dominance and success across the globe with steady steps. We are happy to bring Bitter Lands to Panama. We are sure that Panamanian audience will love this powerful story. We can say that Bitter Lands once again proved the global success of Turkish dramas,” said VP and Head of Sales and Acquisitions of Inter Medya, Beatriz Cea Okan.

Bitter Lands tells the story of a legendary love that begins in Istanbul during the 1970s and continues in the fertile lands of Southern Turkey throughout the trials of evil, ambition and tyranny. It asks whether love is eternal against realities of life and tests the resistance of love and the goodness of the human heart amidst a series of turbulent events.