At Mipcom, KazStudio announced the 2024 premiere of Treflix Bauble Trouble, a family film developed for Polish audiences using 3D animation.

*with production by Ana Paula Carreira, from Cannes, France

Treflix is a Polish 3D animated series IP for preschoolers, which announced at Mipcom the launch of its first TV special in 2024, with the family movie Treflix Bauble Trouble, animated by KazStudio and promising to captivate the hearts of families around the world, with a Christmas theme that speaks to the importance of family values.

KazStudio’s Sales Specialist, Jan Konecki, commented that they have focused on developing content for preschoolers and are at Mipcom to find talent and partners for their new projects. “We are presenting our first TV special, a family movie called Treflix Bauble Trouble; it’s a beautiful and touching story about Christmas, which will touch a lot of hearts,” he said.

Treflix Bauble Trouble is a family film about the chaos of the pre-Christmas period, dealing with values such as family, kindness, cooperation, and personal growth. Children join forces with magical characters to solve the mystery of the disappearing Christmas bauble, emphasizing the importance of family support and collaboration. The story also showcases teamwork, responsibility, and the power of forgiveness, all set against the enchanting backdrop of the Christmas holidays.

Another title that KazStudio has developed is the series The Treflix Family, a Polish animation for preschoolers, in which each episode conveys important messages and introduces children to values such as family bonds, friendship, respect, honesty, and tolerance.

The series is produced using the traditional stop-motion animation technique, which requires the capture of 25 frames per second. For the production of The Treflix Family, 3D printing technology was used extensively for the first time in Poland.

On the other hand, Treflix Discovery Detectives is a television series for children (ages 6 to 8), a production mainly focused on environmental conservation. This program not only educates, but also inspires children to take action for the protection of the environment. Children can learn about climate change, sustainable development, and alternative energy sources through adventurous stories and inspiring characters.