Spanish showrunners Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi (Veneno, Paquita Salas) took at step back from exclusivity agreements to gain independence and tell their own stories.

Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi, Spanish celebrities and showrunners popularly known as “Los Javis”, announced this Thursday the creation of Suma Content, a new independent audiovisual content producer.

Suma Content arises “from the natural evolution of Suma Latina”, the first content development and creation project founded by Calvo and Ambrossi.

It should be remembered that Los Javis had signed an agreement with Atresmedia Studios (converted into Buendía Estudios) at the beginning of 2019 for Suma Latina to develop fiction and entertainment content, and either for third parties or for Atresmedia channels or platforms. From there came the series Veneno, turned into a phenomenon, and Cardo, recently presented in the framework of the San Sebastián International Film Festival.

In addition, Suma Latina is the producer responsible for the acclaimed series Paquita Salas and the film and play La llamada.

As explained in a statement, Suma Content was born “from the concern of both creators to continue growing and expanding their reach in creating authentic stories close to the audience.” Thanks to the birth of this new brand, both creators expand their capacity to generate content, also opening up to the field of non-fiction and entertainment content.

“After the great reception of Veneno worldwide, the opportunity arose to participate in large projects to which we unfortunately had to say no,” said Javier Ambrossi. “Suma Content is intended to be a yes”.

“It is a company that was born from our need to grow and to be our own bosses. It will be an open door to various ideas that we had waiting, but also to the talent that we have around us and to national and international projects that we could not find a way to cover,” he added.

“At a time when there are many series, very similar to each other, we want to defend authorship, honesty, difference,” said Javier Calvo. “We want to focus on new voices, promote and help younger talent in whatever way we can.”

Thus, Suma Content aspires to be a sign of identity under which new voices and talents can develop their stories. The new company will have the ability to develop projects for a great diversity of clients, always with a vocation for global impact and with an intrinsic seal in all its products: quality, authenticity and commitment to diversity.