Among the new formats are Split Screen and Hit the Road, both premiered on SBS6 in The Netherlands.

After parting ways with ITV, John de Mol continues to develop and produce formats in the Netherlands. He does so under the name of Talpa Concepts and Talpa Entertainment Productions. Both entities are part of De Mol’s company, Talpa Network – based in The Netherlands. Among the new formats are Split Screen and Hit the Road.

Split Screen launched this summer on SBS6 and was co-developed with WeMake (France). It’s a primetime game show – in which 100.000 euros is at stake – with a unique question form. Each question consists of two images displayed next to each other. Each picture represents a number, and it’s up to a duo of contestants to give an answer anywhere in between these two numbers.

SBS6 also launched Hit the Road, a unique music reality format with a twist. A musical road trip in which four famous Dutch recording artists drive all over the country to pick up special passengers. Passengers with great stories that are remarkable, funny or emotional to tell. Each of them resulting in a song that matches these stories and reveal their singing talent. Hit the Road offers feelgood television with beautiful storytelling and amazing performances all rolled into one.

Distribution will take place from the headquarters in Laren.

John de Mol: “Being able to fully focus again on developing and producing formats in order to build a new catalogue, is exciting and what I like to do most. Launching them on one of our tv channels with the chance of success and global sales is more challenging than ever, but something I will never grow tired of.”