The Head of Acquisitions and Sales at the Spanish group spoke with ttvnews about the productions they are presenting at Mipcom and the latest news in terms of alliances, sales and expansion.

Owners of one of the most coveted catalogs in the Spanish market, Atresmedia is making waves at Mipcom in Cannes, with several announcements made during the market and the award for Las Noches de Tefía at the Mipcom Diversify TV Awards.

In addition, the group is presenting its latest original production titles, which seek new screens in Europe and the international market.

“At Atresmedia TV we are open to closing agreements with all types of players around the world, both linear channels and platforms,” José Antonio Salso, Head of Acquisitions and Sales at Atresmedia, told ttvnews, who shared the latest news from the group.

How is the content marketing business for Atresmedia?

We are very satisfied. The national and international reception of our titles has been very positive, reaching key agreements that we hope to be able to tell you about very soon.

What type of content do you license to the international market currently?

Atresmedia TV’s catalog is and will continue to be very varied, ranging from dramas, such as the winner of the Diversify TV Awards in this edition of Mipcom, Las Noches de Tefia, to dramedies such as Zorras, entertainment programs such as El Novato, documentaries, true crimes like No se lo digas a nadie… and even new formats full of mystery, role-playing and strategy games, like Rabia.

What are the main markets and territories in which you have agreements?

At Atresmedia TV we create universal stories, which allows our titles to travel around the world. Furthermore, as we have mentioned, our catalog has a great diversity of genres. This means that our titles are able to always adapt to the needs of each of our clients, regardless of their territory of operation.

However, it is true that both Europe and Latin America, along with the United States, could be our most strategic, crucial markets and with which we have carried out our main agreements.

With which local or pan-regional companies do you establish alliances?

At Atresmedia TV we are open to closing agreements with all types of players around the world, both linear channels and platforms. In fact, we have agreements with all global platforms and we are always happy to evaluate and develop new business models and co-productions.

How is Atresmedia’s content library designed at the level of series, dramas, docuseries and entertainment formats?

Our content is characterized by its strength, relevance and quality. This is what makes our titles attractive around the world.

We have a very extensive catalog that we nourish with thousands of new hours of content year after year since the birth of Antena 3. Content that has been revitalized in the last period with the launch of the original Atresplayer productions.

The variety in our catalog is one of our great differentiating factors: we have telenovelas with more than 2,000 episodes of almost an hour in length such as Amar es para siempre or El Secreto de Puente Viejo as well as short author series such as nominated for the Emmy Awards Gente hablando, a title that consists of two seasons of 6 10-minute episodes.

In addition to fiction titles such as Los Protegidos, Los Hombres de Paco and UPA, we also have true crimes, documentaries and daily and weekly entertainment programs.

What have been the latest and most relevant licensing agreements for Atresmedia?

We are obtaining excellent results so far this year. Among our most recent agreements, the arrival of the drama La edad de la ira to Italy, France and Belgium through their public television channels stands out.

In addition, the true crime No Se Lo Digas A Nadie was launched a few months ago in Latin America thanks to our agreement with HBO Latam.

Heridas, based on the successful Japanese format Mother, was acquired and launched on Amazon in the United States, Latin America, Brazil and Portugal.

Amazon Spain has also acquired El Novato and La Penúltima y Me Voy, a factual entertainment program and a biographical documentary respectively, presented by one of the most popular soccer players on the national scene: Joaquín.

Finally, mention the agreement we closed with the M6 Group, with which the first episode of UPA Next has been released in Spain and France simultaneously.

What opportunities does the proliferation of windows and window models present for the content marketing business today?

The audiovisual industry has changed a lot over the years. Now we are at a key moment in which the variety of windows, titles and models on the market, both national and international, means that we have great new opportunities.

In this sense, at Atresmedia we will continue to reach different types in agreement with all types of operators, adapting to their needs and completing their programming with titles with the Atresmedia Series quality seal: Dramas such as Alba, Mentiras (Liar), Heridas (Mother’s Spanish Adaptation), comedies like ¡Martita! or Dos años y un día, or reboots of past hits such as the new versions of Un Paso Adelante (One Step Forward), Los Protegidos (A normal family) or Los Hombres de Paco (Paco’s Men), among others.

What is Atresmedia presenting at Mipcom 2023?

In this edition of Mipcom we present Zorras, a drama of eight 30-minute episodes about free women. It is the story of Alice, Diana and Emily. They have nothing to do with each other. Each one is from a different social stratum, with previous experiences and a very different personality. But they do have something in common: the same desire to have fun, to take risks, to free themselves, to empower themselves and try everything. To do this, they found the slut club with a very clear objective: to fulfill all their sexual fantasies. The series is, above all, a story of friendship and brotherhood.

Also Entre Tierras, a drama of ten 50-minute episodes set in the 1960s. It is the adaptation of the Italian miniseries La Sposa. It tells the story of María, an anonymous heroine capable of sacrificing herself for her family, leaving behind her own dreams and aspirations. The series has just been released and we are sure that it will be an international success.

Furthermore, Déjate ver is a dramatic comedy with an author’s seal (written and directed by Álvaro Carmona, Emmy nominated for Gente hablando) and a marked personality that revolves around the search for oneself and the need to transcend oneself in the world. real world. With this idea as a starting point, the series, of eight 30-minute episodes, addresses topics such as concept and identity, personal fulfillment, the world of art and entertainment, loneliness, the idea of family or the current relationship with technology, offering a fresh, innovative point of view and full of ingenuity.

Ana has lived in a bubble in recent years while working as an assistant to Bassil, one of the most famous artists on the planet and whose identity is a mystery to the general public, but now that he has begun to disappear, she must come face to face with a world with whom you feel you don’t quite connect.

We also have Honor, the adaptation of the successful Israeli series Kvodo. Judge Romero’s son is in a car accident and runs over a motorist. Álex, asthmatic, panics and flees, leaving the young man’s lifeless body behind. When he confesses what happened to his father, Judge Romero’s first impulse is to take him to the police station, make him confess, do the right thing. It is not an easy decision, but everything changes when he discovers that the victim is Hugo Aguilar, the little son of Vicente Aguilar, one of the most dangerous gangsters in the city. With eight 50-minute episodes, the series poses a great moral dilemma: what would you be willing to do to save your child?

Cristo y Rey is a biopic of eight 50-minute episodes about two of the most media figures in Spain. The series revolves around their intense love story, full of lights and shadows.

And Las Noches de Tefía is a series that combines drama and spectacle through a journey through the always necessary historical memory, all with cinematic quality in both the story and its visual effects. It has not left anyone indifferent. The series consists of six 65-minute episodes and has three narrative lines: a period drama (Franco’s dictatorship), the present of a survivor of one of the concentration camps that existed during that time in Spain, and the time and magical spaces of Tdaya, a dream place where the imagination achieves the impossible.

What do you consider to be the challenges in the audiovisual industry from the point of view of content marketing?

Our main challenge lies in the need to adapt to a constantly evolving environment, characterized by the introduction of new technologies and a continuous transformation in consumption patterns.