The dubbing company already has a large portfolio of clients in the region but aims to continue growing through its new production hub in Madrid.

The Kitchen’s new production hub in Madrid, Spain, is the platform the company has set up to consolidate its business presence in Europe, Julie Beneteau, Director of International Sales, told ttvnews on the first day of Natpe Budapest.

The executive, based in The Kitchen’s London office, said, “We are trying to focus the business in Europe. So we have a sales office in the UK and a big production hub in Madrid”.

According to Beneteau, the well-known dubbing company has clients in the region, such as ZDF, France Television, Mediatune, BBC, and Viacom.

The executive, meeting with her colleagues from The Kitchen Hungary at Natpe, says they expect to add many clients to their European portfolio.

Gabor Somogyi, Managing Director of The Kitchen Hungary, commented that this year, they are celebrating the opening of their new studio and finalizing details for their TPN license. “This also means that we have ample capacity for growth to meet the future needs of our clients,” he said.

For his part, Lajos Petro, Managing Partner of The Kitchen Hungary, noted that they have new facilities with excellent technical functionalities. “We can shoot the best feature films in Hungarian, and we are TPI-certified, so we hope that the big studios will work with us,” he concluded.