The international distributor announced a raft of new sales for its Turkish dramas all over the region.

Kanal D International’s catalog of Turkish dramas continues to conquer new audiences in Latin America. Already present in almost every country, the distributor has now announced a raft of new sales across the region.

For starters, Ruthless City will be on air in Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Ecuador.

Directed by Cevdet Mercan and written by Sırma Yanık, Ruthless City tells the story of Seher, who was living with her 2 daughters, son and her mother in law in Antakya, a small city south east of Turkey. Her family’s life changes dramatically when her mother in law makes a deal to sell one of her daughters to a wealthy man from her hometown, Agah Karaçay. Agah is a wealthy man moved from Antakya to İstanbul very long time ago. He has a beautiful wife one son and one daughter living in a classic mansion in Istanbul.

Matter of Respect was acquired by Albavision and will soon be on air in several LatAm countries.

In Matter of Respect, everything starts when Kılıc Family moves to Istanbul with full of hope for the future. At the beginning, everything is perfect. Then destiny suddenly turns its back. A chain of events begins with the robbery of their store, and the faith turned their lives upside down. After the death of their father, Yigit and Emir will be driven to different paths. Two brothers with the same aim, on different roads, decide to avenge their father’s death. One will choose the rule of the law, the other, the way of the organized crime. Their paths will inevitably clash.

Price of Passion continues its journey in the Dominican Republic and Honduras.

The modern adaptation of Snow White, Price of Passion tells the story of Ferhat (Ibrahim Çelikkol), a hitman who works for his criminal uncle, and Aslı (Birce Akalay), a young and idealistic doctor. One day, the paths of both characters cross unexpectedly when Aslı is forced to marry Ferhat to save her life. In a world full of corruption and ambition of power, they approach each other. Will they live happily ever after against all the dangers that await them?

Forbidden Love will soon premiere in Honduras.

The modern adaptation of the work of the foremost Turkish author Halit Ziya Uşaklıgil. Having lost his wife eleven years ago, Adnan devoted all his attention to his daughter Nihal and his son Bülent. Adnan, who lives in one of the most prominent mansions along the Bosporus in Istanbul with a relative’s son Behlül, and his children’s nanny, meets Bihter who is also a socialite couple’s daughter she is very elegant and beautiful, everyone who meets her get stunned and jealous of her, and he falls in love with her. While searching for peace, safety and happiness in Adnan’s mansion, Bihter meets passion. Behlül and Bihter fall completely into each other and become drowned by their infatuation with each other. Their secret love affair will soon affect every member of the family.

Having been sold to more than 154 countries, Fatmagül will soon air in Guatemala.

It tells the story of Fatmagül (Beren Saat), a young woman who lives in a seaside town counting the days to marry her fiancé, and childhood love, fisherman Mustafa (Frat Çelik), However, a tragedy strikes one night altering Fatmagül’s life radically. Mustafa breaks off their engagement and Fatmagül is forced to get married to Kerim (Engin Akyürek), to cover up a crime. But Kerim is not guilty and will try to convince Fatmagül that he is innocent, while the actual criminals continue living their spoiled and luxurious lives.

Meryem will make its way to Costa Rica.

Meryem is a young woman who has spent the last five years raising her adopted brother Ömer, coming to work day and night so that they both have a decent life. She was only a teenager when a person handed Ömer over to her father, who was frustrated when he was imprisoned in his attempt to sell the boy. Little does she know that Ömer is the kidnapped son of a wealthy man, Levent Metehanoglü, whom they will meet unexpectedly.

Bidding Farewell will be on air in Ecuador.

At Bidding Farewell, Lale is a pediatrician who deeply loves her husband and their two young daughters. One day he faints and medical tests reveal that he has a brain tumor. This deadly disease will make her decide to find herself a woman to take her place as mother and wife. She will find in Zeynep, her daughters’ young teacher, the perfect woman to take her place.

War of The Roses will continue its journey in Panama.

Produced by Med Yapım and broadcast in 2014 in Turkey by Kanal D, the series tells the story of Gülru, a young woman from a working family who was born in a humble neighborhood, but was raised in one of the most luxurious mansions in Istanbul, where her father was the gardener. She always admired Gulfem, the daughter of the homeowners, for her style, elegance and education, her dream is to be like her. The situation will begin to change when the young heiress leaves Istanbul for several years and in that time Gülru meets Omer, a man who will change her life completely.

Sweet Revenge will be reaching audiences in El Salvador.

The drama tells the story of Pelin a beautiful, intelligent girl with an excellent job and about to marry the man of her dreams; a perfect life. But when Tolga, her boyfriend, leaves her at the altar, everything seems to fall apart. One day, on the street, a woman tells him that her bad luck in love will not change until she obtains the forgiveness of the people she has hurt.

And Gumus will travel to Ecuador.

After the death of his girlfriend in a car accident, Mehmet’s grandfather suggests that he marry Gümüş, who has loved Mehmet since childhood. Initially happy about the marriage, Gümüş despairs when she realizes that her heart is not in him. Eventually, Mehmet falls in love with her and his dream comes true.