Coproduced between Kapow and Rei Cine, the series was created by the actress Valeria Bertuccelli, who also acts as director, and will be presented at Conecta Fiction.

The Argentine production companies Kapow and Rei Cine together with the actress Valeria Bertuccelli are developing the new dramedy Hoyo en uno, which is being introduced for the first time at Conecta Fiction & Entertainment (Toledo, June 21-24).

The series is starred by Bertuccelli, who plays Marcia, a desperate mother who cannot bear that her husband, and father of her children, has left her for a younger woman. Crazed with suspicion, she organizes a party to find out if his lover is there, but she gets drunk and falls off a balcony. Hoyo En Uno shows a family crisis, a clumsy acceptance process in the shape of a dramatic, romantic, and existential comedy.

Agustín Sacanell, VP and Director of Kapow, stated: “For a few years now, our strategy has been to bet on talent. We want to be home to the most relevant talents in Latin America and, in this case, we are doing it twice: not only with Valeria Bertuccelli, who is also the executive producer and director, but also with a prestigious partner like Rei Cine”.

Benjamín Domenech and Santiago Gallelli, Rei Cine partners, highlighted: “It is a great pride to accompany Valeria once again in her role as creator, this time bringing the unmistakable signature of her sense of humor to the series format. We are happy to embark on this path together with a producer company of such quality and experience as Kapow”.

Hoyo En Uno will be introduced for the first time in the international market in search of partners and screens. The development of the series will end in 2022, and filming is expected for 2023.