Kids’ series lead and practically dominate the Parrot Analytics ranking of the most demanded series in the country, where the digital list is led by Disney+ and dominated by Netflix.

Following the trend of the vast majority of markets in Latin America, children’s content is the preferred choice for audiences in Paraguay, where productions for kids lead the Parrot Analytics ranking of the most demanded series in the country.

In the week of July 5 to 11, series for kids and teens practically dominated the general list, with PAW Patrol in first place with 12.72 times more demand, followed by Peppa Pig in second place (12.02x) and El payaso Plim Plim (11.31x) closing the podium.

Masha and the Bear placed fifth with 10.24 times more demand, The Simpsons in seventh (9.35x), My Hero Academia in eighth (9.1x) and Jujutsu Kaisen in ninth (9.01x).

Thus, only three productions for adults made it into the list of most demanded series in Paraguay: The telenovelas Como dice el dicho (tenth, 8.6x) and La rosa de Guadalupe (sixth, 9.71x), and the Disney+ original hit, Loki, in fourth place (10.74x).

And given its popularity around the world, it is not surprising that Loki also ranked first in the Parrot Analytics ranking of the most demanded digital series in Paraguay, being one of only two Disney+ series in the list together with WandaVision (fourth post, 3.91x).

The rest of the list is dominated almost entirely by Netflix, with Atypical in second place (6.6x) and Stranger Things closing the podium (6.38x).

Record of Ragnarock remains in fifth place (2.64x), Cobra Kai in sixth (2.47x), Anne with an E in seventh (1.79x), Lucifer in eighth (1.75x) and Elite in ninth (1 , 72x).

Titans, by HBO Max, closes the list with 1.62 times more demand.