After presenting the Top 5 entertainment formats, 7K Media unveiled the five most striking new series of the season from South Korea.

With the international appetite for South Korean content on the rise, Mipcom Online+ is offering several panels focused on the territory, named Country of Honor this year.

In this framework, K7 Media selected five unscripted formats, and now presented the K-Format session: The Big 5 Scripted Formats, sponsored by KOCCA, the Korean government agency dedicated to promoting the domestic content industry.

Michelle Lin and Patti Linnett, from the British consultancy firm, highlight five new series formats that are having great success in Korea and that promise to get people talking in the international market.


1. Lie After Lie
Premiere: September 2020
Episodes: 16 x 70 min
Distribution: Channel A

A woman goes to prison accused as the murderer of her husband and sees her little daughter taken from her. When she is released, she builds a life of lies in order to get closer to the adoptive father of the girl and manage to be with her. But soon a real love for her will begin to grow.

2. Flower of Evil
Release: July 2020
Episodes: 16 x 60 min
Distribution: CJ ENM

Romantic thriller that follows a man who hides his identity and past from his detective wife. However, the perfect family begins to unravel when she begins investigating a series of unsolved murders and discovers that her husband is not who he claims to be.

3. Kairos
Release: October 2020
Episodes: 16
Distribution: MBC

In this time-jumping suspense thriller, the wonderful life of successful executive Kim Seo Jin changes the day his daughter goes missing. A month later, Han Ae Ri loses his mother. Without knowing it, both of them join forces to find their loved ones, without knowing that they are communicating from two different times.

4. Dr. John
Release: July 2019
Episodes: 16 x 70 min
Distribution: SBS

The series follows a group of doctors specialized in pain management, portraying the search of each one of them about the cause of their patients’ pain.

5. Zombie Detective
Premiere: September 2020
Episodes: 12 x 70 min
Distribution: KBS Media

A man reborn as a zombie, with no memory of his previous life, hides his identity and begins to take revenge on corrupt humans.