RMVistar and One Life Studios announced an agreement whereby the Argentine series produced by Jaque Content will be adapted in India. The new version will join others in Mexico, the US, Spain and Russia.

RMVistar announced an exclusive format license agreement with One Life Studios for the adaptation of the hit Argentine drama series La chica que limpia for all Indian languages in India.

The sale was jointly announced by RMVistar Founder and President, Rose Marie Vega, and One Life Studios Founder and Creative Director, Siddharth Kumar Tewary.

The fiction produced by Jaque Content will add a new international version, after different options, pilots or even productions underway in countries such as the US (The Cleaning Lady, FOX), Mexico (Turner Latin America and BTF Media), Spain ( Fasten Films) or Russia (Space Production).

“I have always had the utmost respect for the original content produced by Siddharth and his creative team at One Life Studios. With their deeply personal stories and richly crafted characters, I look forward to seeing La chica que limpia brought to life for Indian audiences,” said Rose Marie Vega.

Siddharth Kumar Tewary added: “La chica que limpia was one of those highly acclaimed series that found its unique niche in many international markets.”

“We have a really strong team writing the series to suit the Indian palette, maintaining its international appeal and global storytelling style with constant guidance from the RMVistar team,” he concluded.

Nominated for the 2018 International Emmy Award in the Dramatic Series category and winner of the Martín Fierro Federal Award for Best Series, The Girl Who Clean was the most viewed fiction on the Cine.ar platform in 2017.

The original series was written and created by Lucas Combina, Greta Molas, Irene Gissara.

It tells the story of Rosa, who works as a cleaning clerk in various places. She knows how to clean with aseptic rigor because her son has an autoimmune disease and any possible germ could end her life. As a mother, she would do everything to save him. One night, and without knowing it, Rosa will clean a dark crime scene for some very powerful men and she will do it as she knows how to clean, to perfection. In charge of getting rid of any incriminating evidence, she will become the cornerstone of crime for both the murderers who depend on her and for the investigation division, which, thanks to her talent in the disappearance of traces, will not be able to stop the crime wave.

The series and format’s international distribution is handled by RMVistar and Glowstar Media.