Amores que engañan is a co-production with Casablanca Brasil, Yahayra Films and VIP 2000 TV, which will be filmed in Miami (USA), Guadalajara (Mexico) and São Paulo (Brazil).

Lifetime announced the start of filming for Amores que engañan, its first drama series to be produced in Latin America.

It is a co-production between VIP 2000 TV, Casablanca and Yahayra Films, which narrates human dramas of real women in everyday situations, dealing with love, illusion and trust, pain, betrayal, disappointment and, in its plots, some cases, the crime.

Amores que engañan has ten standalone episodes that tell ten independent stories. The production and filming of the episodes of is being carried out from Miami (USA), Guadalajara (Mexico) and São Paulo (Brazil) under the safety standards and protocols required by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The fiction is produced and starred by women behind and in front of cameras. Arlette Siaretta (Casablanca) and Roxana Rotundo (VIP 2000 TV) are executive producers, while Sofía Garrido (Yahayra Films) is the general producer at Gudalajara.

The first season of Amores que engañan sees the return to the screens of the acclaimed actress Lupita Ferrer and a talented international cast from Latin America, made up of Erika de la Rosa, Gabriela Vergara, Gabriel Porras, Mark Tacher, Francisco Gattorno, Juan Pablo Llano and Victor Cámara, among others.

“We are very pleased to continue generating content in the format of our Lifetime Movies in each and every one of the episodes of Amores que engañan. Each episode tells a story of love and disappointment, where the leading man in turn who promises eternal love becomes the villain. We are very excited to create the first season of this wonderful series,” said Juana María Torres, Director of Original Production for Lifetime.

“We are very proud to create a high-quality original production with Latin American stories told in the unique style of Lifetime,” said Carmen Larios, SVP of Programming and Production at A&E.

For her part, Roxana Rotundo, CEO of VIP 2000 TV and chairwoman of the board of the Worldwide Audiovisual Woman Association (WAWA), explained: “Right now, the Hispanic industry requires more than ever high-quality projects made by women. And what better channel than Lifetime to unite a group of professionals who have the same passion for this wonderful industry.”

“Both Casablanca and Yahayra Films, our co-producing partners in this production, are companies owned by women who want to leave a mark in everything we undertake. We are proud to be able to carry out this project in times as complicated as the ones we are experiencing, and to be able to be a source of work for great professionals in Mexico and Brazil”, added Rotundo.

Casablanca’s importance in the region is reflected in its work with the latest technology and in high definition, producing Brazilian versions of successful American formats such as The Apprentice, Top Model or The Simple Life. VIP 2000 TV has a catalog of renowned movies and innovative telenovelas broadcast on the main channels in Latin America and the US Hispanic. Yahayra Films is based in Guadalajara, Mexico, it was founded in 1997 by Sofía Garrido, after having produced more than 67 Mexican films for Hemisphere Media Group.

In 2019, the three companies closed an agreement to film in Mexico and post-produce in São Paulo.