The Spanish series, co-produced by Atresmedia, Onza Entertaiment y MedioLimón, was acquired by French public broadcaster, France Televisions.

Onza, one of the main content distributors in Spain, closed the sale of the romcom series Little Coincidences (Pequeñas coincidencias) with French public broadcaster France Télévisions.

France Télévisions, the French leading media company, has acquired the first and the second season of the show for its platform As part of the group and launched in May 2017, the platform is gaining more and more viewers along the years. The first and second season of the series will be released on November 19th with French dubbing.

According to Nathalie, Biancolli, Head of International Fiction/ Acquisitions and Coproductions for France Télévisions: «Little Coincidences is a great opportunity to show the Spanish talents and to offer new European programs to our audience».

Carlos Garde, director of Onza Distribution says «we are really glad that an Onza production is becoming an international success. Having France Télévisions as a partner is a great opportunity for the show to keep growing, especially since they are betting for the first and second season».

Little Coincidences is a co-production between Onza, Medio Limón and Atresmedia Studios. The show was the first Spanish project with the Amazon Exclusive label. Amazon Prime Video aired the show in Spain, Latam and the US. Little Coincidences has been already been aired in Antena 3 and in Amazon Prime Video. These series have 2 seasons and the third and last season is about to finish its production.

The show is also being adapted by the NBC and Universal Studios for a US remake by the screenwriters of The Good Place under the name Someone Out There. The show has also been sold to Russia, Baltic countries, Latam and Finland among other countries.

Little Coincidences is a romantic comedy about a couple who don’t know each other, but they both experience separately a strange phenomenon which will make them look for one another.