The ever-popular Spanish Netflix series, Money Heist, along with Argentine series El marginal (TV Publica) and Argentina, tierra de amor y venganza (El trece), are among the most demanded in the country, according to Parrot Analytics.

Continuing a trend that spreads to practically all countries in Latin America, Money Heist is also one of the most demanded series in Argentina.

That at least, according to Parrot Analytics’ latest ranking, which analyzing the demand in the country in the week of July 22-28, ranked the Netflix original in second place in both the general and digital rankings with 7,569,404 Average Demand Expressions (ADE).

The series is the only Spanish title on the list, but not the only Hispanic one, with two Argentine productions also on the general ranking. On the one hand, El marginal, which premiered this month as the highest-rated show in prime time, ranked third with 6,619,226 ADE.

And on the other hand, the El trece and Pol-ka series, Argentina, tierra de amor y venganza, ranked in tenth place with 2,873,109 ADE.

Both rankings are led by Netflix’s sci-fi series Stranger Things, which broke all viewing records with its new season and ranked first on both lists with 15,181,931 ADE.

The Walking Dead and Grey’s Anatomy ranked fourth and fifth on the general ranking with 4.633.702 and 4.538.758 ADE, respectively.

The ranking is completed by Big Little Lies (sixth place, 4.175.847 ADE); The Simpsons (seventh, 3.559.439 ADE); Game of Thrones (eigtht, 3.258.822 ADE) and The Good Doctor (ninth, 3.064.343 ADE).

On the digital side, the podium is completed by Hulu series The Handmaid’s Tale, which ranked in third place with 2.653.540 ADE.

YouTube Premium’s Cobra Kai (fourth place, 2.513.505 ADE), Good Omens by Amazon Prime Video (seventh, 2.160.402 ADE) and Doom Patrol by DC Universe (tenth, 1.680.357 ADE) stand out as the only other non-Netflix series on the list.

The digital ranking is completed by Netflix series Dark (fifth place, 2.303.118 ADE), Orange Is The New Black (sixth, 2.272.049 ADE), Black Mirror (eighth, 1.793.808 ADE) and Lucifer (ninth, 1.699.366 ADE).