As confirmed by ttvnews, the filming of two new fiction series produced by Kapow for the Disney+ platform is beginning in Argentina.

Although it has not yet been made official, ttvnews was able to confirm that these days two of the first Disney+ fiction series are being launched in Latin America, days before the platform lands in the region.

They are two series produced in Argentina by Kapow (El Presidente, La jauría).

On the one hand, this Monday, November 9, filming for Los protectores began, a 10-episode comedy focused on the story of three football managers on the brink of bankruptcy.

Written and directed by Marcos Carnevale, the fiction will star the Argentines Adrián Suar, Gustavo Bermúdez and the Colombian Andrés Parra as those representatives, and will have Laurita Fernández in the main female role.

Los protectores is scheduled to premiere in mid-2021.

On the other hand, next Monday, November 16, filming for Sesiones will begin, a series written by Ana Katz, Daniel Katz and Alejandro Jovic, and directed by Ana Katz.

The fiction will feature a luxury cast, led by Carla Petersen, Benjamín Vicuña, Eugenia «China» Suárez, Julieta Cardinali and the special participation of Graciela Borges.