The Turkish distributor highlighted Family Secrets, Hidden Truth, One More Chance, All About Marriage and Twisted Affairs during the event

Madd Entertainment continued its tremendous 2022 with a successful showing at MipCancun, said the distributor. Madd arrived at Cancun with a catalogue led by five fast-selling premium series: Family Secrets, Hidden Truth, One More Chance, All About Marriage and Twisted Affairs.

Now in its second season, Family Secrets is a Top 10 series in Turkey and one of the fastest-selling dramas of 2022. Earlier this year it premiered at #1 in Spain under the title Secretos de familia on Antena3, while a local adaptation, Pagidevmenoi is earning remarkable ratings in Greece on ANT1 TV. The ratings success of both readymade and adapted formats in Europe continues an incredible run for one of Turkey’s most popular TV dramas, which has already sold to over 50 territories across Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East including USA, Romania, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Hungary and Albania.

The Ay Yapim drama features Kaan Urgancıoğlu (Endless Love, Love 101) and Pınar Deniz (Wounded Love, Love 101) as an unlikely duo who find themselves in the middle of a conspiracy that could bring down both their families. Family Secrets is an innovative series that combines all of the traditional romance of Turkish drama with a modern whodunit, delivering a powerful love story through thrilling plotlines each and every episode.

One of the highest-rated prime-time dramas today is Hidden Truth The MF Yapim series debuted on Turkey’s FOX network in 2021 to stellar ratings and remains a perennial top-10 series in 2022. It heads into its second season with dozens of international sales, including Spain, MENA, Albania, Greece, Israel, Honduras, Macedonia, Hungary, El Salvador and the USA. In addition, Disney+ EMEA has acquired Hidden Truth for its Originals collection. The series will soon make a premiere in these markets.

Hidden Truth features Onur Tuna (A Miracle) as Fırat Bulut, a star prosecutor in the Istanbul courts who wakes up to find himself in jail for the murder of his wife Zeynep and daughter Nazlı! On his own, with no memory and no friends left to help him, Fırat must try to solve his family’s murder from inside a prison cell. Giving the performance of a lifetime is İsmail Hacıoğlu (The Boy) as the ruthless criminal who frames Firat while faking his own death and engages in a cruel cat-and-mouse game with the former prosecutor.

Next up is the stylish new drama One More Chance from NTC Medya. The series is set at an elite high school, where three kids from the wrong side of the tracks investigate their friend’s suspicious suicide. They start by following a mystery but eventually discover an exciting new life among Istanbul’s super-wealthy – and a glimmer of hope for their future.

One More Chance airs Sunday nights on Turkey’s top-rated FOX network under the title Tozluyaka. A serious story about beautiful people, this series has an unusually wide viewer profile. Its fans range from 7 to 70, and its appeal to both families and youngsters has helped propel more than 25 sales so far, including MENA, Macedonia, Israel, Spain, Hungary and Disney+.

One more series attracting buyers this season is the MF Yapim drama All About Marriage, which aired on Turkey’s FOX network under the title Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey. The series is about a clan of high-powered divorce lawyers whose clients include billionaires, celebrities, and sometimes even themselves.

All About Marriage features a star-studded cast and was adapted from a critically-acclaimed BBC series and has garnered interest from around the world. Sales include Chile, El Salvador, Honduras, Angola, Mozambique, Ecuador, Georgia, Israel, Uzbekistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Slovenia and MENA. These are in addition to numerous sales concluded this week at MipCancun

One more series getting a lot of attention this season is Twisted Affairs, Medyapim’s drama about a good woman pushed past the brink when she discovers her husband has been cheating on her with her best friend. It is the perfect follow up to the groundbreaking hit series A Woman Scorned, one of the best-selling Turkish titles of recent years.

Twisted Affairs is adapted from a hit Korean series and features an all-star ensemble, including Hatice Şendil (A Part of Me, Dila), İsmail Demirci (The North Star, Crash), Sera Kutlubey (Hercai) and Perihan Savaş (The Pit). It airs Fridays under the title İyilik on Turkey’s top-rated FOX network.

“This year’s MipCancun was a roaring success for Madd Entertainment and yet another sign that the very best Turkish dramas will always have a prominent place in the international market,” says the company on its press release.