On July 14, the Turkish distributor will host MaddNext, a virtual presentation which will be part of the Natpe V-Fronts, to showcase Medyapim’s new titles, The Teacher and Nehir.

Madd Entertainment has teamed up with NATPE Virtual to stage a biannual online event, where broadcasters, journalists and other media professionals around the world can get ahead of the curve on Turkish drama.

The innovative new event is part of NAPTE V-Fronts, a new program from NATPE Virtual, and is called MaddNext. Taking place on July 14 at 17:00 GMT, hosted live from the Fox TV studios in Istanbul, it’s a unique event and a one-of-a-kind opportunity for those outside of Turkey to keep up with the cutting edge of Turkish drama.

The first one will focus on Medyapim’s hottest new series, The Teacher and Nehir, which currently air in Turkey on Fox TV and have yet to be presented to the international market. Medyapim is one of Turkey’s most successful production houses, with a string of successful adaptations including international sensations The Girl Named Feriha and Mother.

Madd Entertainment Managing Director, Ateş İnce, will moderate the session. Medyapim Founder and President, Fatih Aksoy, will present his new series along with Mehmet İçağasıoğlu representing FOX Turkey while Ateş İnce explains the programs’ demographics and early ratings success.

Joining the executives will be series stars stars Ilker Kaleli, Ceren Moray and Afra Saraçoğlu from The Teacher and Feyyaz Duman, Burak Yörük, Biran Damla Yılmaz from Nehir. The event will be hosted by Richard Middleton, Managing Editor of TBI.

NATPE Virtual is a new online initiative from the global television membership association, which runs important media markets and conferences all over the world. This unique web event is being organized together with online production and webcasting platform Perigon, and participants will have the chance to interact with the panelists as well as each other.

The dramas

The Teacher

Unassuming physics teacher Akif’s homeroom is even more unruly than usual when he suddenly announces, “from now on you are my hostages.” With Akif’s touch of a button, a violent explosion separates their classroom from the rest of the school. Akif informs his students that there are many more bombs stashed throughout the school, and, now that he has their attention, he intends to give them one final “lesson in humanity.”

The teacher will keep his class hostage until they face the truth behind the death of their classmate Rüya, a popular student-athlete who seemed to have it all until everything came crashing down following multiple scandals. This rapid rise and fall ended with the young girl’s death.

As the students slowly uncover the background of their classmate’s death and admit their own guilt, a growing crowd on social media follows along. Once the mystery is revealed, it is clear that the teacher’s lesson is not just for his students but for the whole world — honesty, empathy and compassion remain the most important and powerful human values.


Nehir’s story begins in an orphanage, where the teenager meets the con-woman Zerrin. Zerrin takes Nehir under her wing, teaching her how to survive and — most importantly — how to swindle. The duo work flawlessly until one day, while searching for their next target on a match-making app, Zerrin notices Nehir get defensive about a user named Nazim. After an argument ensues, Nehir decides to leave her life behind and meet Nazim, a man she has become increasingly fond of.

The bad news for Nazim is that Nehir has fallen in love with his texts but another man’s photo. Embarrassed by a hideous facial scar, Nazim sent her a photo of his handsome young co-worker, Tarik.

When Nehir surprises Nazim at his worksite, Tarik and Nazim must switch places to keep the fiction alive. Nazim struggles to come to terms with the notion of Tarik, the womanizing dashing gentleman, getting closer to the love of his life, while he watches from the sidelines.

A single white lie leads to a flood of falehoods as the two men struggle to assume each other’s roles constantly, while Nehir attempts to escape her dark past. For this trio, every new day means another web of lies. Maybe the truth is the only thing that can set them all free, before things go past the point of no return… In a world where people are judged upon their appearance, will true love prevail?

The Teacher and Nehir are exclusively distributed by MADD Entertainment, a leading distributor of Turkish drama series based in Istanbul.