Latina Televisión began promoting the Turkish drama based on The Good Doctor.

Latina Televisión announced the upcoming premiere of Dr. Milagro, a Turkish drama distributed internationally by Madd Entertainment under the title A Miracle and based on the Korean series (but popularized by its American version) The Good Doctor.

At the moment, Latina has not revealed the series’ premiere date, which will thus add a new screen in Latin America arriving in countries such as Argentina, Ecuador and Honduras.

The series was also sold to Spanish-speaking territories such as Spain, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and internationally such as Hungary, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Greece, Uzbekistan, Albania, Estonia, Pakistan, India, Israel and South Africa.

Distributed by Madd Entertainment, A Miracle was one of the most successful premieres of last season in Turkey.

It tells the story of an elite pediatric unit that turns around when a strange newcomer joins the team. Ali has autism with savant syndrome, which makes it difficult at first, but thanks to sincerity and dedication, this medical genius finds love and acceptance and brings hope to everyone.

The series is produced by MF Productions and is broadcast on FOX TV Turkey.