Working with two of Turkey’s biggest production houses, Madd Entertainment is actively looking for new partners for its coveted catalog of Turkish titles, as well as new co-production opportunities in the international market.

As the distribution arm for two of Turkey’s biggest production houses, Medyapim and Ay Yapim, Madd Entertainment has one of the most coveted portfolios of Turkish content in the industry, and is now present at Content Americas to showcase its most recent successes.

“We are presenting Family Secrets, All About Marriage, Flames of Fate, and as Madd, the distribution arm for Turkey’s two biggest producers Medyapim and Ay Yapim, we are presenting all of their stories as well,” said Ozlem Ozsumbul, Head of Sales at Madd Entertainment.

“All About Marriage recently premiered in Chile to excellent ratings,” she added.

And on top of these super successful dramas from the past season, Madd is already presenting new titles, giving clients in Miami “a small preview” of what’s to come. “We have some upcoming shows, like Little Big Hearts, which we are presenting in a small way to our clients”.

In addition to distribution, Madd is also raising the bar in terms of production, looking for new alliances and opportunities in the region and the international market.

“Madd is different from all other distributors here. As a company we are also producers. Behind Madd Entertainment are Turkey’s two biggest production houses, Medyapim and Ay Yapim. So that talent helps us a lot. That’s why we are selling ready made finished content, but also their stories for co-productions and remakes in many countries”, she explained.

“We are looking for partners in the cop-production side as well, like we did with Viacom International Studios for El asesino del olvido. This was our title. So we have some negotiations and deals for coproductions”, she added.

Most recently at Mipcom, Madd announced a co-production deal with Middle East Broadcasting Company, the biggest broadcaster and producer in the region. “So now all of our Turkish stories, which we produce in Istanbul in Arabic language, they are broadcasting in the Middle East”, she explained.

“We are looking for other opportunities, working with AVOD platforms, global studios, HBO Max, Netflix, producing originals as well”, she concluded.