Turkish distributor Madd Entertainment announced that its premium series The Choice (Babil) has already been sold to more than 70 territories worldwide.

With just 10 episodes aired in Turkey, the Turkish series The Choice (Babil) is already establishing itself as one of the new Turkish hits worldwide.

According to its distributor, Madd Entertainment, The Choice has already been sold to more than 70 countries worldwide, including several in Latin America, territory in which it was acquired by Turner Latin America.

The series also landed sales in the Middle East, Europe and has just been sold to Georgia, Albania, Israel, Northern Iraq and Bangladesh.

Produced by Ay Yapim and broadcast in Turkey by beIN Connect, The Choice is a premium 13-episode series.

It stars the popular Halit Ergenç (Magnificent Century, Wounded Love), Ozan Güven (Magnificent Century, Phi), Aslı Enver (Evermore), Birce Akalay (Price Of Passion), Nur Fettahoğlu (Magnificent Century, Sisters) and Mesut Akusta ( Black Rose, Grand Family).

It’s the story of Irfan (Ergenç), an idealistic teacher who is unfairly fired from his job as he struggles to care for his sick son. When all the doors are closed, Irfan finds himself in the middle of a dark adventure from which he cannot escape.

The Choice is directed by Uluç Bayraktar and written by Nüket Bıçakçı and Özlem Yücel.