Match Point Seeks to Find its Place in Latin America

The Turkish distributor will be present at MipCancun to showcase its increasingly vast catalog of Turkish dramas and films.

Turkish distributor Match Point will be present at MipCancun this week with the mission of opening new doors for its fiction series and entertainment formats in the Latin American market.

Created in 2014 as a distributor of Turkish film, Match Point currently has clients all over the world.

And since two years ago it added Turkish dramas and series to its catalog, Latin America is now a more coveted destination for the distributor.

“The company was founded in 2014. We have over 200 Turkish movies, as well as series and paper formats for game shows,” said Melis Nersesoglu, managing director of March Point, said to ttvnews.

“We already work in almost every territory in the world and now we want to forge relationships in Latin America,” she added.

Given Turkish dramas’ success in the region, the company seeks to find new clients for series like The Oath (Söz), Brides on the Road (Kaçak Gelinler ), The Notebook or Possessed.

The first is a prime time action series with over 200 episodes, starring Tolga Sarıtaş in a role that earned him a nomination for the 2018 International Emmys.

Meanwhile, Brides on the Road is a romantic comedy about three brides who escape on their wedding dat and decide to start a new life together. It aired on Star TV and TV 8 in Turkey.

And The Notebook is a youth series about a group of troubled students and their relationship with a new teacher; while Possessed is a horror miniseries from Turkish platform BluTV.

“I believe our content can meet with Latin American audiences. They like international stories that are much like Turkish ones. I’m sure they will love our content,” said Ceren Candemir, operations manager at Match Point.

“We’ve already signed deals in countries like Russia, Japan, Korea, Germany, the US, the UK and China. And we want to do the same in Latin America,” she added.

And what about Spain? According to the executives, they’re in advanced negotiations in the country for their movies and series.