Content from Mediaset’s catalog, especially biographies and classic biopics, continues to be sold to Latin America, especially miniseries such as Call Me Francesco and Karol.

Mediaset Distribution announced the closing of several licensing agreements in Latin American countries at the beginning of 2024, thanks to the ongoing interest in the region for the contents of the collection of classic titles, which continue to be licensed year after year. In particular, the focus is on biographies and classic biopics from the catalog.

Among recent sales, Mediaset highlights packages to Lumina TV in Brazil, Telefuturo in Paraguay, and Telecorporación Salvadoreña (TCS). Also, several agreements for the miniseries Call Me Francesco and Karol, among others.

One of the most sought-after is Call Me Francesco-The People’s Pope, broadcast on Canale 5 with an average share of 4.2 million viewers and an audience share of 19.5% in the 15-25-year-old target group.

The biopic focusing on the life of the current Pope from his youth in Argentina to his election as Pope in Rome, starring the famous Argentinean actor Rodrigo de la Serna, achieved a good result among young people. The biographical series is available in English and Spanish.

Other titles include Niño llamado Jesús (seasons 1, 2,3), a miniseries about the childhood of Christ. Santa Rita is a miniseries about the life of Rita da Cascia in the 14th century; Karol – A Man Who Became Pope (season 1,2) tells the story of a young actor and poet Karol Jozef Wojtyla when in 1939 during the IIWW, he was deported in Germany and found his vocation to become a priest and later a courageous Pope. Padre Pio is another highly sought-after program.