Reacción en cadena, the Spanish edition of the US game show, produced together with Bulldog TV, will return with a new season on Telecinco.

Mediaset Spain has agreed to the renewal of Reacción en cadena, the contest that Ion Aramendi hosts on Telecinco from Monday to Friday (8:00 p.m.) and that has already begun recording its new episodes.

The game show, produced in collaboration with Bulldog TV, stands out with stellar ratings: this week it accumulates 11.4% in the commercial target, which is 17.5% more than in its first week of emission (9.7%) and its best record so far in this parameter. In addition, it obtained 11.4% in the audience of young people aged 25-44, almost 19% more than in its opening week (9.6%).

It has experienced an upward trend since its premiere in December, increasing one point from the 6.7% share in its first week of broadcast to 7.7% in the current week. In this period, almost 18.7 million people, 40.4% of the population, have contacted the contest. In total individuals it averages a 7.1% share and 845,000 viewers.

In Reacción en cadena, the Spanish adaptation of the internationally successful format Chain Reaction, a format released in 1980 on NBC and distributed by Sony Pictures Television, two teams must solve different chains of words with some link to each other to try to win the prize daily maximum of 150,000 euros.

These two teams must overcome in a first phase five games relating words, guessing characters or discovering songs. They then compete in “Winning Complicity”, a decisive knockout game where the winners earn the right to participate in the next installment and can fight in the final phase for the money they have accumulated.