French group Mediawan announced the creation of the pan-European company Mediawan Alliance after the purchase of a majority stake in the Spanish producer Good Mood and the German producer Leonine. They are also negotiating to acquire Lagardère Studios.

The ecosystem of content production and distribution in Europe was shaken on Monday with the expansion of French group Mediawan in Spain, Germany and the rest of the region.

Mediawan announced the creation of the pan-European company Mediawan Alliance, a pan-European group with production companies in Spain, France, Germany and new acquisitions on the way.

In Spain, Mediawan completed the purchase of a majority stake in the Daniel Mocija producer Good Mood.

Good Mood has also signed a partnership agreement with Mediawan Rights for the distribution of premium series.

Good Mood is responsible for hits like I’m Alive, The Fence, or The Accident. Good Mood is currently producing Deudas, a series starring Carmen Maura.

“Mediawan is a strategic and ideal partner to launch great international productions from Good Mood,”said Daniel Écija himself. “Mediawan has respected our way of working from the first moment and has known how to grant us complete creative and operational independence, demonstrating enormous mutual trust in this alliance,” he added.

“Good Mood and Mediawan share the same values, vision and ambition,” said Pierre-Antoine Capton, chairman of the Mediawan Board of Directors.

“Daniel Écija has achieved admirable successes since the creation of Good Mood, and we are looking forward to starting to work with him to prosper together, not only in the growing Spanish-speaking market, but internationally,” he added.

In Germany, Mediawan acquired a minority stake in Leonine, producer of Dark, Pagan Peak and the movie Nightlife.

In addition, the company made the announcement that they will seek to finalize the purchase of Lagardère Studios, the parent company of 25 production companies in Europe including the Spanish Boomerang and Veranda.

They have already raised an offer for 100 million euros for Lagardère that must still receive the final approval.

Founded in 2016 by Pierre-Antoine Capton, Xavier Niel and Matthieu Pigasse, and with the aim of creating a group of production, distribution and broadcasting of premium international content, Mediawan has become the largest French independent studio, with an annual turnover that exceeds 300 million euros.

The Mediawan Alliance will be based in Paris and will be led by Pierre-Antoine Capton as CEO and President. Fred Kogel, CEO of Leonine, will be the CEO.