Netflix highlighted the success of its original Mexican comedy, which was viewed by 23 million households in its first 28 days.

Released on January 20, the comedy Madre solo hay dos has become one of the most successful Mexican series in Netflix history in its first month of life.

As revealed by the OTT platform, the series was seen by 23 million households in its first 28 days.

With that figure, it surpasses, for example, Control Z, which last year had achieved 20.5 million views in its first 28 days.

It also ranks close to some of Netflix’s most successful international series of 2020, such as Germany’s Barbarians, seen in more than 37 million homes; the Korean Sweet Home (22 million), the Latin Selena: the series (25 million) and the Japanese, Alice in Borderland (18 million).

The success, moreover, was not limited only to Mexico, where it remained as number one for 17 days, but also spread to other territories: it was Top 10 in 32 countries, including Brazil, Spain and Argentina.

“This year, as our team has moved to Mexico, we have had the opportunity to work even more closely with creators and local talent. And so, between tacos, walks and long talks, some of the most authentic and moving projects have emerged,” said Francisco Ramos, vice president of Netflix content for Latin America.

“Although Mexico is known for its dramas, it is in its comedies that some of the most genuine portraits of the country emerge. Latinos like to laugh and we like to do it together. Although we knew this when we started Madre, there are only two, we never imagined that it would become one of our biggest Mexican series,” he added.

The Netflix data also confirms what had already been announced to ttvnews from TV Time, when they crowned Mother, there are only two as the most binged series in Spanish in January.