Mexican series High Heat moved up one place to lead TV Time’s monthly ranking this month, where productions from Spain dominate with 7 of the 10 positions.

Like every month, the digital consultancy firm TV Time revealed this week exclusively to ttvnews its monthly ranking with the 10 most binge-watched contents in Spanish throughout the world during the month of September.

Same as in August, it is a Mexican series that leads the ranking, with High Heat, from Netflix, rising one position to be first in the month of September.

This month, however, it is the Spanish series that dominate the ranking, occupying seven places with Elite (2), Alma (3), Money Heist (4), Santo (5), Merlí: Sapere Aude (6) , A private matter (7) and You are not special (10).

Mexico, meanwhile, holds the remaining two spots with Control Z in eighth and Who Killed Sara? in ninth

Next, the Top 10 of the most binged series in Spanish in the world in September:

1. Donde hubo fuego (+1)

2. Elite (+3)

3. Alma (=)

4. La casa de papel (+2)

5. Santo (New)

6. Merli Sapere Aude (New)

7. Un asunto privado (New)

8. Control Z (-4)

9. Quién mató a Sara? (-1)

10. Tu no eres especial (New)