Conversations around co-production opportunities took over the networking spaces in this second market day where producers, agents and channels seek new models of content production and distribution.

The second day of MipCancun was marked by the conversations around the search for new co-production agreements. The venue dedicated to the subject, where several producers from the region have occupied a table, transcends private conversations, and the desire to reach new agreements is heard from the mouths of those present.

And if co-production is the big word of the day, it’s because this is the model that content creators are now most drawn to. The protection of content’s IP, the possible and future broadcast windows, the costs, the risks and the shared profits, the times and the production models, everything finds its place and its moment for discussion in this market that’s known for receiving independent producers in search of new opportunities.

Large groups also stand out in this context, for the search for new partners, who can contribute fresh ideas to their lineup of content under development.

On the independent side, the day was marked by the announcement of the agreement closed between Dopamine and Grupo Secuoya for the production of a new teen series: Campamento Newton, a new title for the Mexican production company that ventures into a new segment and genre of production.

Ana Barreto commented on the acquisition of the production company by ViacomCBS and the steps that will follow, in addition to the ongoing projects now that the filming has resumed its normal course.

Sandra Smester, EVP and Chief Content Officer of TV Azteca, highlighted in this regard, the channel’s interest in reaching new co-production agreements.

Regarding the presentations, the conferences hosted by Marcelo Tamburri from WarnerMedia and Fidela Navarro from Dopamine stood out, offering a clear overview of the perspectives regarding original production.

In addition, announcements continue about the news of the distributors present, and the announcement of what will be during the next edition of Natpe, the celebrations for the fifth anniversary of the creation of WAWA, commented by Carolina Cordero, general manager of the association.