Mipcom Confirms its Place as the Biggest International Event

The event shines on its first day at the Palais des Festivals, with highlights like the presentation of the series Zorro, by Secuoya Studios, panels on production at the Producers’ Hub, the debut of Fox Entertainment Global, an important agenda of conferences and tons of programming news.

*By Rodrigo Ros, from Cannes, France

Mipcom, the event with the largest international participation in the television industry, reopened its doors at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes. Some spaces have been reduced and, even today, several of the large groups are participating in a limited version, considering the number of representatives they have taken to Cannes. However, overall attendance shows a net recovery of the market, with movement in the corridors, plenty of meetings and long lines in the morning to enter the Palais.

On this first day, the presentation of Zorro stood out, a huge commitment from Secuoya Studios that continues in its filming stage in Gran Canaria. Sergio Pizzolante from Secuoya Studios and Javier Quintas, one of the directors of the new series, were present there.

“Due to the very complexity of the IP of El Zorro, and the project itself, it had never been done in Spanish, and that was something that had to be corrected. We also realized that Spain was a fundamental piece because in all the versions of Zorro, Diego always comes from Madrid. He organically connected the Old with the New World. Few projects manage to be so organic”, highlighted Pizzolante.

Azteca, meanwhile, arrived at Mipcom just a few days after the premiere of La lotería del crimen, with the presence of Adrián Ortega, recently appointed General Director of Content for Azteca TV.

“Our narrative is going to be in daily slots. It is the one that Mexico and Latin America like. We are also going to look for originality, and fundamentally, it is important to align the tone of all our channels. We want to recover fiction for some of our time slots, and we will continue betting on the content that our strategic partners provide us with,” said Ortega.

At the end of the afternoon, Fernando Szew, the new Head of Fox Global Entertainment, presented this new unit to clients and friends, which promises to get people talking: “We are super happy. This is the result of a lot of work, and without a doubt it opens up many possibilities for us that we will communicate as the agreements are finalized”.

In summary, this is an excellent moment for the Hispanic industry in general, which is looking for new avenues of association, participating in different projects organically and with global partners, either through co-production agreements or through a licensing system that shows how far Hispanic content manages to travel today.

In the video summary, we also leave a sample of what have been the presentations made on this first day, which stands out for a global recovery in international content sales.