The Mexican-Spanish format is the brainchild of Dopamine and Beta Film

Love in Translation was one of the formats chosen during the new edition of the Fresh TV Formats list presented by The Wit during the current edition of Mipcom Cannes 2022.

It is a unique travel dating with touches of true comedy devised by Dopamine and Beta films, which perfectly combines humor and the search for love, giving our celebrities the opportunity to be themselves anonymously again.

An original format where three VIPs without a partner become strangers again, traveling to different destinations far from the spotlight of popularity to try to find true love.

In each program, celebrities will travel to a different country where they will each meet three suitors, with diverse profiles, of different ages, sexual orientation, personality… with whom they will have to overcome language or cultural barriers on more than one occasion. In each episode: a new destiny, three suitors, an individual date, a collective date and a final decision.

As a novelty in dating mechanics, the final decision of the election of the candidate will be through Zoom, expelling them from the conversation at the click of a button, therefore eliminating them from the possibility of continuing with the appointments.

In addition, Love in Translation includes for the first time the integration of the presenter in a virtual way. You never know where or how it might appear: a shop window, a mobile or a marquee.

“Ideas and alliances travel internationally, like the love that develops this format. We are very happy to add talent and bet on Love In Translation with Beta Entertainment”, explains Fidela Navaro CEO of Dopamine.

For the CEO of Beta Entertainment Spain, Javier Pérez de Silva: “This format is more than an alliance; much more than a joint venture. It is a ‘joint venture’ between two leading companies in the sector on both sides of the Ocean, Europe and America And it is a format created from the effort of a double creative vision with a single objective: to entertain”.