The new images were presented during a special event dedicated to the series held at Mipcom

The Mediapro Studio presented at Mipcom the first images of the second season of The Head, in an event about the series that was attended by Laura Fernández Espeso,, CEO of The Mediapro Studio and Executive Producer of the series, and panel participation by Ran Tellem, co-creator of The Head and Director of International Content Development at The Mediapro Studio; Jorge Dorado, director of the series, and actors John Lynch, Katharine O’Donnelly, Olivia Morris, Moe Dunford, Thierry Godard and Sota Fukushi.

The event was also attended by Marta Ezpeleta, Distribution Director of The Mediapro Studio, and Javier Mendez, Co-Head of Television at The Mediapro Studio and Executive Producer of The Head.

During the panel, moderated by the journalist John Hopewell, the series team addressed the great challenge that this blockbuster filmed in English has posed, with an international cast that brings together 10 different nationalities and that has established itself as one of the main franchises international of The Mediapro Studio.

“At The Mediapro Studio we like challenges and with The Head we took a huge leap to show that we had the creative, technical and artistic talent to tackle a major international production. The success of the series, its fast-paced storytelling and solid performances confirm that good stories know no borders and reinforce our goal of creating products of quality and universal reach”, commented Laura Fernández Espeso, CEO of The Mediapro Studio.

Produced in association with Hulu Japan, the first images of the series introduce the essential elements of the plot, with biologist Arthur Wilde (John Lynch) and doctor Maggie Mitchel (Katharine O’Donnelly) as a common thread with the previous season, as well such as the new characters and the impressive setting where most of the plot takes place: the Alexandria ship and the scientific laboratory it houses inside, a closed and isolated enclave where Wilde carries out a key mission in the fight against climate change and the guarantee of survival on the planet.

Ran Tellem, series co-creator and Director of International Content Development at The Mediapro Studio, commented: “What began as a limited series is now proudly returning for a second season, a new installment that takes several steps forward in many meanings: the plot, written by Mariano Baselga together with Jordi Galcerán, Isaac Sastre and Cauê Laratta; the multinational cast, or the brilliant direction of Jorge Dorado and the scenery, shot aboard a royal freighter 150 meters long. This time, the fight against the climate crisis takes place in what is known as ‘Punto Nemo’, the farthest place from the mainland, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and the last place where we should meet to fight for our survival”.

In addition to the performers who have participated in the presentation, the second season of The Head also includes Hovik Keuchkerian, Josefin Nelden, Enrique Arce, Nora Ríos and Tania Watson in its cast.

The second season of The Head has already confirmed its worldwide distribution with a planned premiere in more than 90 countries on the main international operators and television channels that have also broadcast season one.

The Mediapro Studio Distribution is responsible for the worldwide distribution of the title.