The Mipcom Trending Topics panel identified the main trends that shaped this year’s event in Cannes, where content for new generations, new streaming players and productions from Turkey were all the rage.

As part of its final day, Mipcom 2019 hosted the Trending Topics panel, picking over some of the key trends that had people talking at this year’s market.

Hashtags and Social Media

First up, the panel shared a tag cloud showing the most buzzworthy topics of the market, then revealed the top 50 hashtags of the week at Mipcom & MIPJunior. Of those, 22 referred to drama from Turkey, with #canyaman second on the list.

The number one tag was The Head, the six-part series from Mediapro. An Agatha-Christie-like thriller set on an Antarctic research station, it was created by Ran Tellem and features a cast from all over the world, including Tomohisa Yamashita and Alvaro Morte, which greatly has helped push the show on social media.

Other tags on the top of the list included #mipjunior and #kidstv, as well as hashtag connected to somewhat unexpected shows, like #thegiftsendoff, for Malaysian drama The Gift, where the most shared post was of a Mipcom attendee in front of the poster of the show.

Trending Topics

The panelists also identified four main trending topics that generated the most conversation during the event.

First was Diversity, an area that showed a lot of movement this year, through productions targeting issues like LGBTQ, dissability and more.

Another topic was social awareness, represented for example in shows like Lodgers and Meat The Family, highlighted in the Fresh TV sessions.

The third was AVOD: “There seemed to be a hype around it on the market, but more importantly, we see that there is a lot of licensing going on around AVOD,” the panelists said.

And lastly, the panel identified de-risking investments as the trending topic of the market, something attempted through co-production alliances or revivals of successful shows.

Fresh TV Trends

A few market trends came from the Fresh TV conferences hosted by The Wit, which highlighted three main ones.

First, the rise of dramas about young people on the verge of coming of age in the challenging world of social media and sharing; as exemplified in shows like Nudes or High School Slut.

Then there’s a rise in IP-based drama, as 17% of all new fiction is based on books while 26% of VOD projects are book-based.

And the third trend was drama based on true events, a number that’s 7.1% of all new fiction in 2019, compared to 5.2% in 2018. On the VOD side, projects based on true events are at 9.6%